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Running the IPS Upload to Additional Adjustments Pages (AAP) for CAT


The IPS Load to CAT/AAP process appends existing data in the CAT/AAP by only adding new, unique employee records or rows to existing employees. Therefore, all data in the IPS file will be added to the CAT and AAP, with the exception of data that is identical on all fields that make a unique record.

A row is considered 'unique' if any of the following fields are different when comparing one row to another row within the file and/or CAT: Effective Date, Employee ID, Employee Rcd, Action, Action Reason, and Change Amount.

IPS - Institutional Planning Spreadsheet
CAT - Compensation Administration Tool
AAP - Additional Adjustment Page
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The Additional Adjustments tab can be loaded to the AAP after all mass changes have been made in the IPS.

  1. Save the "IPS → AAP" tab of the IPS as a .CSV file.

    1. Open the "IPS → CAT" tab

    2. Scroll to the bottom of this tab and delete any rows that appear as so:

      CAT 0

      • Note that similar to the IPS → CAT tab, the formula in cell A8 is only copied down 22 rows.  If you have more data than this on your Additional Adjustments page, copy the formula down to cover the appropriate number of data rows.  Delete any extra null rows in the above format.
    3. Press the "Click Here to Export File for AAP Upload" button

      • Note that if this button does not appear, you can do it manually by clicking the View tab, selecting the Macros option on the right, and running the "ThisWorkbook.ExportRangetoFileAAP" option listed.

      CAT 2

    4. See the output file "Name.CSV" under the file menu.

      CAT 3

    5. The following box will appear in Excel.  Select Okay.

      CAT 4

    6. The "Name.CSV" file will appear on your screen.  You may close it out.

  2. Navigate to the CAT

    1. Workforce Administration > UW External HR Systems > Compensation Admin Tool > Upload to CAT and AAP Process (shown in images below).

  3. Create a new Run Control ID or use an existing saved Run Control.

    1. The Run Control ID is a unique identifier that saves the criteria for running a process or report.

    2. While there is no set format for naming a Run Control ID, a potential suggested format is initials_next available number (eg "ABC01")


  4. The following screen will appear:


  5. Under "Process Options," choose between "Report" and "Process and Report."


    1. The report mode should be run first.

      • This mode allows the data to be processed without committing data to the AAP.  It generates an ouput .xls file that allows the data and any possible errors to be reviewed.
    2. The process mode should be run second.

      • Once the data has been reviewed and any errors in the data have been corrected, the process mode can be run.  This commits the data to the AAP and generates an output .xls file.
  6. The Fiscal Year should be automatically populated.

  7. Select the appropriate "Inbound File Upload Criteria"

    1. For File Type, select "Additional Adjustment"


    2. For Business Unit, click the magnifying glass to search for the appropriate Business Unit.  Click the green link for the Business Unit to select it.


    3. For file description, there is no set format.  A potential suggested format is "AAPCAT_IPS_YYYYMMDD" (e.g. "CAT_IPS_20160101")

    4. Click the "Upload File" link next to the Attached File to browse for, select and upload the CSV file from Step 1. 


    5. Once the CSV file has uploaded, press the "Save" button at the bottom of the window.

      • The screen will appear the same, and your Run Control will be saved.
  8. Upload the AAP to the CAT.

    1. Press "Run" at the top right of the window.


    2. Press "OK" at the bottom of the new window.


    3. You will have returned to your previous window.  Note your Process Instance number.  Press "Process Monitor" at the top right of the window.


    4. The new window will indicate the status of your file upload.  When the file is finished uploading, Run Status will be "Success" and Distribution Status will be "Posted."

      • If Run Status is "Queued," it indicates the file is waiting to be uploaded.
      • If Run Status is "Blocked," it indicates another report or process is currently being run.  Do not resubmit your process.  It will be queued as soon as the other report or process has completed.
      • If Run Status is "Processing," it indicates that the file is currently uploading.
      • Click Refresh at the top right of the window to refresh the status of the process.  Note:  This may take several minutes depending on the data load in the Process Monitor.


  9. Once the Run Status is "Success," and Distribution Status is "Posted," download the output.

    1. Click "Details"


    2. Click the "View Log/Trace" hyperlink at the bottom right of the window.


    3. Under the File List, click the file with the .xls extension to download the output.


    4. When opening the file, if an error message appears indicating that "the file you are trying to in a different format than specified by the file extension," click Yes.

      CAT 21

  10. Review the output file.

    1. Open the downloaded Excel file.

      • A depiction of the Excel output is below.
      • A description of the different header fields of the output is below in the 'Output Header Fields' table.
    2. The file will contain Error, Warning, and Successful sections.

      • Review the Error and Warning sections of the output.  Use the Error Message column to diagnose the errors and correct if necessary.
      • A description of the different error messages is below.

      CAT 22

    3. Correct the AAP based on the errors in the output.  Once all errors have been corrected, the upload can be run in Process mode.


Output Header Fields

 Run Control ID  The Run Control ID used to run the report or process
 Run Date  The date the report was created or process run
 Mode  The mode (report or process) used for the upload.
 Process Instance  The unique number assigned by PeopleSoft for each report or process
 Ran By  The unique user ID for the person who ran the report or process
 Total AAP Records  The total number of AAP records evaluated
      Processed  The total number of AAP records processed successfully
      Processed with Warnings  The total number of AAP records processed but have warnings.
      Rejected  The Total number of AAP records rejected because of errors.

Error, Warning and Successful Messages

 Number (#)  Row Type  Description  Comments  Message


 Funding Department
 not active in HRS
 Entire row errors out

 Invalid Funding
 2  Error  Funding Department
 does not match
 Business Unit
   Invalid Funding Department

 3  Error  Fiscal Year not Active
 in CAT
   Fiscal Year not Active
 in CAT
 3.1  Error  Fiscal Year did not
 match Run Control
   Fiscal Year did not
 match Run Control


 Invalid Fiscal Year, Funding
 Department, Job Code, Pay
 Basis, Position Number,
 Business Unit, FTE, Adj Type,
 Fund, DeptID, Program,
 Budgeted Amount.
 Field Errors

 Did not load

 4.1  Error  Invalid Jobcode    Invalid Jobcode
 4.2  Error  Invalid Pay Basis  Pay Basis not 'H,' 'A,' or 'C'  Invalid Pay Basis


 Invalid Position Type

 Position Type not 'Vacant' or
 'Bud. Adj.'

 Invalid Position Type,
 needs to be either
 Vacant or Bud. Adj.


 Invalid Position Number

   Invalid Position


 Invalid Adjustment Type

 Adjustment Type not 'SH'
 'Grad," "LTE," "Univ Staff,'
 or 'LI/AS/FA'
 Invalid Adjustment



 Invalid Business Unit GL
 in Account Code
   Invalid Business Unit


 Invalid Fund Code in
 Account Code
   Invalid Fund Code



 Invalid Dept ID in
 Account Code
   Invalid Department


 Invalid Program Code
 in Account Code
   Invalid Program Code



 Invalid Project ID in
 Account Code
   Invalid Project ID



 Identical AAP Row Exists
 (entire row is key)
 AAP Row Exists entire row is
 key not 'H' 'A' or 'C'
 Identical AAP Row
 Exists in File/Table


 Incomplete funding string
 (missing fund, DeptID, or
 Funding string missing fund
 DeptID or Program not 'H' 'A'
 or 'C'
 Account Code is



 Row Errors out, no
 budgeted amount entered
 for positive FTE or no FTE
 Errors out no budgeted amount
 entered for positive FTE or no
 FTE not 'Vacant' or 'Bud. Err.'


 No FTE entered

 No FTE for Empl Type 'LTE'
 or 'SH'
 No FTE entered



 No budget amount for
 position FTE
   No budget amount
 entered for position FTE


 Does not pass budget edits

 Not pass budget edits error
 'Vacant' or 'Bud. not.'

 No special messages.
 The error messages
 from Section 4 is used
 for Budget Error Edits


 Adj Type SH, FTE Entered

 Everything will load except
 the FTE, SH cannot have FTE
 Adjustment Type SH,
 FTE Entered



 Adj Type LTE, FTE Entered

 Everything will load except
 the FTE, LTE cannot have FTE
 Adjustment Type LTE,
 FTE Entered



 New Funding Department
 Create New AAP record

 Loaded Successfully



 Existing record, but unique
 row (entire row is Key)
 Add to existing AAP record

 Loaded Successfully



 Row loads, Negative FTE,
 $0 budgeted amount

 Loads Negative FTE budgeted
 amount Loaded 'Vacant'
 successful 'Bud. loa.'
 Loaded Successfully

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