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Running the Initialization Report for CAT


The Initialization Report (IR) is the first step of the Compensation Administration Tool process. It exports current job compensation and funding data out of HRS for the next Fiscal Year's budgeted population into an Excel file. The outputs of the Initialization Report (IR) are used to populate the Institutional Planning Spreadsheet.
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1.  Navigate to Workforce Administration > UW External HR System > Compensation Administration Tool > CAT Processes > Initialization Report Process.

2.  Create a Run Control ID by selecting "New Value" and enter the desired name for the Run Control ID into the Run Control ID box and select add.

  • To use an existing Run Control ID, select "Find an Existing Value," then enter the Run Control ID into the Run Control ID box or select from the results.


3.  Enter the run control parameters below to define criteria for the Initialization Report on the Initialization Report Process page.  (Division is optional)

  • Fiscal Year - Select the upcoming "Fiscal Year" as recognized for budgeting purposes.  This field will default to the latest Fiscal Year that is set up in CAT.  Example:  If it's January of 2016 and you are planning for the next Fiscal Year, this value should default to 2016.
  • Effective Date - Select the "Effective Date" from HRS.  All employees that are active as of this date in HRS (and meet the Business Unit, Division, and Empl_Class run control criteria) will appear on the IR.
    • It's up to each Institution to determine which date to utilize for the IR Effective Date.  It can be run for 'today' or for a future effective date (such as upcoming Fiscal Year)
      • Keep in mind that running the IR for a future effective date will capture future dated hires.  However; running the IR for a future effective date will not take future dated terminations into account.  For example, if you run the IR as of 7/1, an employee with an Expected Job End Date (EJED) of 6/30 will still appear on the IR.
      • No matter what date the IR is run for, it is important to review the EJED column and remove employees who will be terminating.
  • Business Unit - Select the "Business Unit" for which you are running the IR.
  • Division - If desired, select the "Division" for which you are running the IR.  This is the 3 digit alphanumeric code (Example: A01).  Division is an optional field, but can be used to narrow the results returned on your report.
  • Employee Class - If desired, select "Employee Class."  The default for this Run Control is to have all Employee Classes included in the IR output.  If you wish to exclude certain employee classes, click the Select Values button and uncheck the boxes next to the Empl_Class code you do not want to appear on the IR. (Example: SH)

4.  After entering your Run Control parameters, click the "Run" button to begin the Initialization Report process.

step 4

5.  User will be automatically directed to the Process Scheduler Request page.  From this page, click the "OK" button.

Step 5

6.  User will be directed back to the Initialization Report Process page.  Click on the "Process Monitor" hyperlink to view the Process List.

Step 6

7.  Click the Refresh button until the "Run Status" is equal to "Success" and the Distribution Status is equal to "Posted"

8.  Click the Details hyperlink to route to the Process Detail page.

Step 8

9.  Click on the "View Log/Trace" hyperlink on the Process Detail page.

Step 9

10. Click on the hyperlink for "init_report_[process instance number].xls" and the "init_report_addl_splits_[process instance number].xls" outputs to view the Initialization Reports based on the Run Control criteria entered on the Run Control page.

  • The "init_report[process instance number].xls" Report contains all employee records that meet the Run Control criteria and have 5 or less funding splits.
  • The "init_report_addl_splits[process instance number].xls" contains all employee records that meet the Run Control criteria and have 6 or more funding splits
    • NOTE:  It's possible that there will only be an "init_report[process instance number].xls" Report as the Run Control parameters may not return employees with 6 or more results.

step 10

11.  The output files will look like the screenshot below:

Excel Spreadsheet

12.  Review the output file.  A description of the Header Fields is listed below.

Output Header Fields

Output Header Fields
Run Control ID The Run Control used to create the report
 Run Date  The date the report was created
 Process Instance  The number assigned by PeopleSoft for each process
 Ran By  The User ID of the individual who ran the report
 Fiscal Year  The Fiscal Year entered on the Run Control page
 Effective Date  The Effective Date entered on the Run Control page
 Business Unit  The Business Unit entered on the Run Control page
 Funding Division  The Division entered on the Run Control page
 Employee Class  The Employee Classes selected on the Run Control page

13.  Follow the steps in KB XXXXX to copy/paste this date into the Institutional Planning Spreadsheet to be loaded into the Compensation Administration Tool.

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