Reprinting Benefits Billing Reprint Invoices in Cypress


This document outlines the steps for reprinting a Benefits Billing Statement using Cypress.

Process Considerations:

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1. Follow Cypress Reporting Access and ASG Cypress software instructions for Cypress instructions.

2. Select "Benefits" on the left and this will open the folder in the window to the right.
3. Search for BEN040 Billing Statement in the list corresponding to the date statements were run for the Billing Period. The newest statements will be at the end.
4. After clicking on BEN040 Billing Statement, the window below will open up.
5. Select the Binoculars icon on the right hand side of the window to search for an EMPLID to find a specific employee's statement.
6. After the search function has found the employee, cancel out of the box, then you can view the employee's statement. Notice the page umber at the top as this will be important if you need to save a multiple page statement.
find statements
7. Right click anywhere in the lower window and it will open a dialog to select Save as PDF.
save statements
8. Select the correct save option.
Note: "All Pages from Selected Document" will print the entire set of invoices for all employees. "Currently Displayed Page Only" will print only the page being reviewed, however be careful if an employee has more than one page. "Page" will print the pages defined in the box.
9. Click save and a PDF should open with the correct pages needed per step 8. Then save and/or print as necessary.

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