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Using the Student Template Hire in HRS


This is the process for hiring student workers using the student hire template in HRS.

Process Considerations:

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HRS Navigation: Workforce Administration  > Smart HR Template > Smart HR Transactions 
    1. Click the magnifying glass to select the appropriate Template.

      enter transaction details

    2. After the template is selected, click the Create Transaction button.

    3. Enter the job start date in the Job Effective Date field.

    4. Click the Continue button.

      job effective date

    5. Enter hire information into the fields for the Smart HR Transactions page. The fields with an * are required for this page.

      • Name: Use ALL CAPS when entering the name. This provides naming consistency and improved search capabilities for student help.
      • National ID should be completed. If the student does not have a social security number, leave it blank.  This will need to be completed using Modify a Person: Maintaining Person Data - Biographical Details in HRS 
      • Birth Date is a required field using a month, day and year format.
      • Enter the Gender of the employee as Male, Female or Unknown (Do not use Other).
      • Ethnic Group provides Workforce Development data for HR and EEO reporting. Only one ethnic group can be listed.
      • Select Release Home Information only if the student wants their personal home information released.
      • The Home Address is what the student considers their “home” mailing address. Important Note: there is no address validator, so ensure this information is accurate.
      • If phone numbers are provided, select the appropriate Phone Type and enter up to two telephone numbers. If the employee has a work phone, use the Business phone type and ensure that phone number is marked Preferred.
      • The Citizenship field contains the date the I9 is completed. If unknown at the time of hire in HRS, the field can be updated in Modify a Person when the I9 is completed.
      • For Criminal Background Check, refer to your institutional CBC policy for student jobs requiring CBC’s. If a background check is required, you will enter the date in the Criminal Background Check Date field.
      • Work Location – Job Data section, update the:
        • Business Unit
        • Department
        • Location Code
      • Enter an Expected Job End Date if one applies. Otherwise leave the field blank, indicating there is no Expected Job End Date.
      • In the Compensation field, enter the student hourly rate.
      • For the Working Title, enter a descriptive title. This helps to determine between jobs when entering time for multiple jobs.  
      • The Job Code will be SH001 (94870 is the old job code) for student help, with the exception of a few situations. Check with your HR department to confirm the appropriate job code.
      • The Comments field can be used for notes or comments.
      • There are a few options for proceeding:
        • Click the Send to HR for Completion button. This will place the Student Template information in the Manage Hires page for an HR Administrator to complete. The Further Processing Required page displays, indicating that the Template has been sent to HR for Completion.
        • Click the Save and Submit button. If all the required fields on the template have been completed correctly, this button will add the student and job data.

          student template

          contact info

          HRS automatically looks for a match using fields such as Name, DOB, National ID, etc. If a match or close match is found, a Person Match Found screen appears
        • Review the person information and choose Select if the person is a match or Not a Match-Continue with Hire if no one is a match. The Person Org Summary hyperlink will open a new browser window and provide additional details about the person.

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