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Rehiring a Student Help Employee in HRS


Students may have multiple jobs across a campus or several campuses.  As they change jobs, HRS allows for them to be rehired on an inactive empl record or empl record that shows a termination row.  This may be a termination that occurs at the end of Spring Semester and the "rehire" begins in the Fall or an employee who was once a University Staff Temporary (Limited Term Employee) (LTE) and is now attending school and has taken a student hourly job.  This procedure will walk through the steps, via job data, to rehire a student on an existing empl record.

Process Considerations:

  • If a termination row for a student help job is entered in error, the student should be "rehired" on the existing Empl Record using the same Effective Date as the termination date and updating the Effective Sequence to the next number.  The action/reason should be "Terminated in Error". This will allow the auto enroll process for Time and Labor to enroll the student in Time and Labor again.  If the effective date of the rehire is after the termination date, then the days between the termination and the rehire will not be available to enter time on the time sheet.
  • If the previous job is not a student help job, you may use Rehiring an Employee in HRS to rehire the employee into the student help job.
  • If the terminated job is in a department, division or campus for which you do not have row level access, you will not be able to rehire the student using the terminated employment record.  You may request that the entry be made by someone with the higher access, or check with your supervisor to see if you have the correct level of access.
  •  Criminal Background Check date, Sexual Harassment Reference Check date (if applicable) and Position of Trust type will need to be added after all steps have been completed; see Using the Person Assignment Checklist to record Criminal Background Check, Position of Trust, and Sexual Harassment Reference Checks in HRS .
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    1. Navigate to Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data - Student Help Only
    2. Enter the Employee ID.
    3. Click the Search button.
    4. If necessary, select the lowest terminated Employment Record (Empl_Rcd).
    5. Click the plus sign to add a new row.
    6. Enter the start date in the Effective Date field.
    7. Click the Calculate Status and Dates button if it appears.
    8. From the Action list, choose Rehire.
    9. From the Reason list, choose the Reason for the Rehire. (For example, select Original/New Hire.)
    10. If there is a position number delete it. Tab out of the Position Number field and the job data fields open up to allow updating.
    11. Enter UWS in the Company field.
    12. Enter the Business Unit.
    13. Enter the Department.
    14. Enter the Location.
      • The Establishment ID will default in.
    15. Enter an Expected Job End Date if appropriate; see Maintaining the Expected Job End Date in HRS .
  • Click the Job Information tab.
  • Review the fields listed below to be sure the data is correct.
  • Job Code. Valid values for Student Help are SH001, SH002, SH003, SH004, SH005.
  • Empl Class is SH.
  • Full/Part should be Part-Time.
  • Pay Basis. For a student hire being paid bi-weekly, the pay basis should be Hourly. If this is a lump sum payment, select Lump from the pay basis drop down.
  • Standard Hours/FTE. The Standard Hours value will default to 0.01 and FTE to 0.000250 when using a Student Help Job Code.
    Image of Job Information tab with multiple fields highlighted
  • Click the Compensation Tab.
  • Click the Default Pay Components button.
  • Verify the Rate Code is NAHRLY; see Comp Rate Frequency in HRS
  • Enter the Comp Rate. If this is a lump sum job, leave this field blank.
  • Verify that the bottom Frequency is H; see Comp Rate Frequency in HRS
  • Click the Calculate Compensation button.
  • Verify the Compensation Rate (in the top Compensation section) is correct.
  • Click the UW Custom tab.
  • Ensure Continuity is set to None.
  • Ensure Probation Type is Not Required.
  • Enter the Working Title for the student help job. Make the working title descriptive enough so the student can select the correct job when entering time.
  • Click the UW Benefits tab
    • Leave the Previous WRS State Service and Previous WRS Local Service fields blank.
    • If known, select the value for the WRS Before July 1, 2011 field. If unknown, leave as the default value of No.
    • Enter the correct value for the Rehired Annuitant Field if known. If unknown, leave as the default value of No.
    • Leave the Visiting from Other Institution field blank.
  • Click Save

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