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Adding an Employment Instance (Student Help) in HRS


Students may have multiple jobs across a campus or several campuses. When hiring a student that already has an active appointment (in HRS) of any type and is expected to continue on, an additional employment instance (or Employee Record) will need to be added for the new Concurrent Job. This procedure outlines the steps needed to add the Concurrent Job for a Student Hourly employee.

Process Considerations:

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Navigation: Workforce Administration > Job Information > Add Employment Instance-Student

Note: HR representatives with HRS security access to create employment instances for faculty and staff (non-students) use the New Employment Instance page instead. See Adding an Employment Instance (Non-Madison) in HRS.

    1. Enter the Empl ID
    2. Press Tab; Empl Record will update on its own
    3. Click 'Add Relationship'
    4. Enter Required Data on Work Location Tab:
      1. Effective Date: start date of job
      2. Select Reason
      3. Company (always UWS)
      4. Business Unit (Campus)
      5. Department
      6. Location (Building)
      7. Expected Job End Date (if applicable)
      Work Location
    5. Then click Job Information tab.
    6. Enter required data on Job Information tab:
      1. Job Code
      2. Full/Part field as Part-Time
      3. Pay Basis

        Job Information
    7. Then click the Compensation tab.
    8. Enter required data on the Compensation Tab; see KB The Compensation Tab in HRS:
      1. Click Default Pay Components button
      2. Verify Rate Code = NAHRLY
      3. Enter required compensation data in Comp Rate field
      4. Verify bottom Frequency is H
      5. Verify top Frequency is H
      6. Click the Calculate Compensation button
      7. The Pay Rate will populate in the Comp Rate near the Top Frequency Tab
    9. Then click the UW Custom tab.
    10. Enter required data on UW Custom tab:
    • Select Continuity of None (N)
    • Select Probation Type of Not Required
    • Enter a Working Title
      • Note: Make the working title descriptive enough so the student can select the correct job when entering time. The working title is the title that is displayed in Time and Labor so the student can select the correct job to record time.
        UW Custom

10.  Click the UW Benefits tab.

11.  Enter Data on the UW Benefits Tab:

  1. Previous WRS Local Service
  2. Previous WRS State Service
  3. When appropriate, change the Benefit Service Date

UW Benefits

12.  Click OK

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