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Setting Up Taskgroups and Task Profiles in HRS


This procedure explains how to assign a Taskgroup to an employee's TL Security record. Tasks and Task Profile IDs are used within Time and Labor to further define and track areas of work. A Payable Time by Task report can then be run to determine the number of hours or amount of time employee's have spent doing work in specific areas.

Process Considerations:

  • New Task Profile IDs need to be setup by UWSS Service Operations.  Tasks are associated to a Task Profile ID and Task Profile IDs are associated to a Taskgroup.  Taskgroups are assigned to an employee by the campus on the employee's TL Security page.  To request a new Task Profile ID, contact your Affinity Group for assistance.
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  1. Navigate to the TL Security Page: Time and Labor>Enroll Time Reporters>Maintain or Create TL Security. (Refer to KB 17043, TL - Create and Maintain TL Security for additional information regarding the TL Security page)
  2. Enter an Empl ID or employee name on the search screen. Click Search.

    Navigate to Create TL Security

  3. If the employee has a single job you will go directly to the Time Approver Information tab on the TL Security page. If the employee has multiple jobs, select the appropriate Empl Rcd hyperlink.
  4. To assign a Taskgroup to an employee, click on the Time Reporter Information tab and navigate to the Taskgroup field on the page. Enter the appropriate Taskgroup or click on the magnifying glass and select the Taskgroup to assign to the employee. 

    Time Reporter Nav

  5. After entering or selecting the Taskgroup, click Save.

    Once a Taskgroup has been assigned to an employee on their TL Security page, the overnight TL Auto Enroll job needs to run (Reference KB 17481, TL Processing Procedure Timeline for additional information) so that the new Taskgroup can also be updated on the employee's Time Reporter Data page.  If an employee is assigned a new Taskgroup on their TL Security page today, they will not see it on their Timesheet until the following day, after the TL Auto Enroll job runs.

  6. Following nightly processing, the employee will see the new Taskgroup populated in the Taskgroup field on the timesheet by clicking the Additional Elements tab. 

    Taskgroup Field on Timesheet

    Additional Elements Tab on Timesheet

  7. The employee can now select the appropriate Task Profile ID (available Task Profile IDs are associated to the Taskgroup) on the timesheet when entering reported time.  The Task Profile ID should be assigned to the line on the timesheet with the 'Shift In' punch (start of shift).  Click the dropdown in the Task Profile ID column to see the list of available Task Profile IDs associated to the assigned Taskgroup.

    Task Profile ID Dropdown Menu on Timesheet

  8. Select the appropriate Task Profile ID for each corresponding shift worked. If you wish for the timesheet to always show the additional elements including Taskgroup and Task Profile ID, check the 'Show all columns by default" box prior to submitting.

    Task Profile ID Dropdown Menu on Timesheet 

  9. Click Submit.

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