Running the WRS Rehired Annuitant Lookback Report in HRS


Rehired Annuitants have unique WRS eligibility requirements, depending on whether on not they retired on or prior to 7/1/2013, or after 7/1/2013. Rehired Annuitants who retired by 7/1/2013 are managed by the Rehired Annuitant report. Rehired Annuitants who retired on or after 7/2/2013 fall instead under the WRS Lookback process. The Rehired Annuitant Process generates a report that is distributed via Cypress to institution Benefit Administrators. The report can also be run ad hoc as needed. Employees appearing on this report should be counseled by the campus Benefit Administrator on their option to stop their annuity and go back into the WRS and obtain the required Rehired Annuitant Election Form (ET2319). If the employee chooses to stop their annuity and ETF provides the required confirmation and effective date, the campus Benefits Administrator should change the value in the Rehired Annuitant Field on JOB Data to "Rehired w/WRS" so the system automatically re-enrolls the employee back into the WRS.

Process Considerations:

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To run the Lookback Rehired Annuitant report ad hoc:

1.  Navigate to: UW Benefits Reports > Lookback Rehired Annuitant Rpt
2.  Enter the Pay Run ID (required field)
3.  Enter the Business Unit and Department (not required).  An alpha character and wildcard (Ex: "A%") can be used to run the report for a specific institution.

Reh Ann Rpt

Institution Actions:

1.  1st Report Appearance: Notify employees of their option to relinquish their WRS annuity and resume active WRS participation
2.  Have the employee complete a new ETF form ET-2319
3.  Institution should retain a copy of the form for the employee's file
4.  Route ET-2319 to the UW WRS Agent (c/o UWSS Service Operations)
5.  Wait for Confirmation Form from ETF
Institution Actions Upon Receipt of Confirmation Form from ETF:
1.  Add a row on Job Data using the effective date provided by ETF
           a.  Action = Data Change
           b.  Reason = BN Eligibility Update
           c.  Rehired Annuitant Field value = Rehired w/WRS
2.  Benefit Administrators who do not have security access to add a row on JOB Data should contact their local HR office to make the change, or open a ticket to UWSS Service Operations.

Report Layout

Lookback Rehired Annuitant Report - Replace

Report Body Data Elements:

  • Name
  • Empl ID/Rcd: The Empl Rcd identifies the primary Empl Rcd evaluated for inclusion in the report
  • Empl Class: The employee classification for the Benefits Primary Job
  • UW_WRS_ACT_10:  "Y" or "N" reflects whether or not the employee had WRS service prior to 7/1/2011
  • FTE: The employee's full time equivalent
  • Continuity Cd:  The employee's Continuity Code or duration of job/position.
  • WRS Eligible Hours:  WRS eligible hours accumulated over the previous 12 months
  • Lookback Date:  The date 12 months earlier than the Pay End Date
  • Pay End Date: The end date for the pay run ID used to run the report

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