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Viewing the WRS Accumulator Table in HRS


Employees covered by the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) will automatically have a record added to their WRS Accumulator Table for each payroll period in which they receive WRS eligible Hours and Earnings. This KB will provide you with information on how to read the WRS Accumulator Table.

Process Considerations:

  • Employees hired prior to going live with HRS will have a Conversion Row of data dated 1/1/2011 to 3/3/2011 consisting of all WRS eligible Hours and Earnings employees had accumulated while employed at the UW and prior to the original HRS Go Live date.
  • The WRS Accumulator Table is a data source created for each employee of the UW for the following purposes:
    • Creating monthly and annual reports that are transmitted to Employee Trust Funds (ETF). 
    • The WRS Lookback process uses this data to determine if/when an employee who was not originally eligible for the WRS at the point of hire becomes eligible based on the number of hours worked in any rolling 12-month lookback period.  Campuses can use the WRS Accumulator Table to proactively predict when an employee will come under Lookback or verify that hours and earnings have been correctly loaded for an individual.
    • The WRS Accumulator Load Process uses the data in this table to create the WRS Payline Report used to correct any variances between deductions calculated on a payroll and what was calculated by the Load Process. (This report is worked by UW Shared Services [UWSS] staff.)
    • The ICI Annual Process that runs at the end of January each calendar year uses the prior year's reported WRS Earnings from this table to determine the Annual Benefit Base Rate (ABBR) used in the calculation of an employee's Income Continuation Insurance (ICI) premiums.
    • UW Shared Services Error Reports (Accumulator Load Success Report, WRS Errors Report, WRS Payline Adjustments Report, WRS Warnings Report, and the WRSADJ-WRSAPR Load Report)

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1.  Navigate to Benefits > Reports > Regulatory and Compliance > WRS Accumulator Table > enter the Employee's ID number and click Search.

Upd. Search Page

2.  The employee's WRS Accumulator Table will display.  The headers will consist of the following fields that identify the employee:

  • Name - this field will contain the employee's first and last name
  • ID - this is the employee's Empl_ID number
  • Plan Type - this will default to WRS (Wisconsin Retirement System).   
  • Benefit Plan - this value will vary depending on whether the employee is enrolled in the General, Teacher, or Protective categories for WRS.  (i.e. WRSGEN, WRSPRO, WRSTEA).  If none of these WRS categories apply, the data will be stored under the Benefit Plan of NON.
  • Coverage Begin - this is the first day the employee was covered by the WRS while employed at the University of Wisconsin.
  • Coverage End - this is the last day the employee was covered by the WRS prior to leaving all paid employment at the University of Wisconsin.

Upd. Display

3.  Individual data will be displayed in the following fields:

  • Record Number - each row of data is numbered sequentially.
  • Empl_Rcd - this is the Employee Record number under which WRS Eligible Hours and Earnings have been accumulated.
  • Eff Seq - this value will default to 0 unless the employee has multiple entries for the same Pay Period End Date and the same Pay Date on an Empl_Rcd.  (The next row added would have a sequence of 1, additional rows will be 2,3,4 etc.)
  • Pay Run ID - this value will default to the Payroll PayRun_ID in which the employee received compensation.  Additional values in this field include: MIDPRDENR, Adjustment, Adjustment-O, MANADD, and MANSUB described below.
    • MIDPRDENR indicating that the employee had a Mid Period Enrollment in the WRS during a payroll period (WRS Earnings, Hours and Deductions are pro-rated unless the Hire Date [Last Start Date on JOB Data] is equal to the WRS Enrollment Effective Date on the Retirement Plan Table in which case it will not be pro-rated.)  

Upd. MidPR

    • Adjustment reversed any retro pay that didn't fall within the Current Pay Begin and Pay End Dates (note: this is grayed out as of 12/18/2014 and is no longer used.  In order to enforce integrity of these rows of data, these fields cannot be changed.) 
    • Adjustment-O for the Pay Begin and Pay End Dates in which the Retro was earned, General Deduction for any Deduction Pre-Pay adjustments made
    Upd. Adjustments
    • MANADD for any manual additions

9.2 Man ADD

  • MANSUB for any manual subtractions.

Upd. Man Sub

4.  Entries made on the WRS Accumulator Table will have the following date fields populated. 

  • Record Date - this is the date that the row was entered on the WRS Accumulator Table either manually by UWSS personnel, or via the batch process after Payroll is confirmed.  If the entry is manually entered, this will default to today's date.  The field will be blank for rows loaded prior to 12/18/2014.
  • Pay Check Cal Year - this date indicates what calendar year is being used to calculate the WRS earnings.
  • Pay Period Begin Date - the first day of the pay period for which Hours and Earnings have accumulated.
  • Pay Period End Date - the last day of the pay period for which Hours and Earnings have accumulated.
  • Pay Check Date - the date the employee was paid.

Upd. Header 1

5.  UWSS personnel can make adjustments to Earnings, Service Hours, Lump Sum Hours using the following fields:

  • WRS Earnings - combined dollar amount of all WRS eligible earnings for that Pay Period.
  • Service Hours - combined number of hours worked in WRS eligible positions during that Pay Period.
  • Lump Sum Hours - calculated equivalent of earnings for lump sum payments reported at the time they are paid for WRS purposes.  A flat rate is only used when an employee has a zero pay position.  The rate used as of 7/1/2020 is $31.21.  This rate is recalculated each year as of 7/1.  For multiple jobs and multiple sequenced rows, the 7Y deductions will be summed and only display the combined amount on a single row when there are multiple sequenced rows.

Upd. Header 1

  • 7X Before Tax Ded - After Act 10 (7/31/2011), this field is no longer being used.  Data in this field is for historical reference only.
  • 7X After Tax Ded - After Act 10 (7/31/2011), this field is no longer being used.  Data in this field is for historical reference only.
  • 7Y Before Tax Ded - this represents the total dollar amount of employee before tax deductions for WRS from the pay period.
  • 7Y After Tax Ded -  this represents the total dollar amount of employee after tax deductions for WRS from the pay period

6.  Benefits Administrators can export the information from the WRS Accumulator Table to Excel by clicking on the download icon shown below:

Upd. Run to Excel

7.  A pop up box will appear giving you the option to open or save the file.  The default setting will be to open the file.

Download to Excel 2

8.  When you open the file you may see a soft warning like the one shown below depending on the version of Excel you are using.  Click the YES button to continue to open the file.

Download to Excel 3

9.  An Excel version of the WRS Accumulator Table for the employee will open.  (An example is shown below.) This format will allow you to sort data and add columns if you want to predict when an employee is likely to reach the required threshold or verify that the employee has in fact attained the requisite hourly/earnings requirements for WRS Lookback.

Download to Excel 4

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