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Running the Employee Process Status Report in HRS


The Employee Process Status Report provides the ability for UW Benefit Administrators to manage events for their employees. The goal is to make sure all events are processed to close with a status of Finalized Enrolled, Finalized Prepared None, or Finalized Assign None. Only when all events are processed can we be assured that employees have been evaluated appropriately for benefit eligibility. A review of the Benefits Administration Schedule Summary in HRS (28470) will provide statistical data on the UW's overall achievement of processing events to close for a particular schedule.

Process Considerations:

  • Events left Open may prevent later dated Events from processing, including those that affect an employee's eligibility for benefits.
  • This process should be run multiple times throughout the final day of the Annual Benefit Enrollment period.
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1.  Navigate to: Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Investigate Exceptions > Employee Process Status Rpt

2.  The Employee Process Status Rpt Run Control page will be displayed.  Enter your Run Control ID value or click Search to find a previously created Run Control.  For more information on Run Control IDs, reference Setting Up Run Control IDs in HRS .

U9.2 Run Control

3.  The BAS Employee Process Status Run Control page will display.  You will have an opportunity to enter filters on this page or leave all values blank.  Using filters on this report will ensure the report is focused and tailored to your immediate needs.

a.  Schedule ID - Limits report to Events tied to a particular schedule such as Event Maintenance or Open Enrollment.  The following is a reference on Schedule IDs: List of Benefit Schedules in HRS.  (NOTE: Leaving the Schedule ID blank will pull events from all schedules.) 

b.  Department - Limits Events tied to a specific Institution or Department.  You can enter the full value or enter the first character with the wildcard symbol %.

c.  Process Status - Checking boxes here will help narrow the results returned on the report.  Refer to Process Indicators and Event Process Statuses in HRS   for an explanation on process statuses.
4.  Click the Run button once you have entered and/or selected your report criteria.
EE Status Report
5.  The Employee Process Status Report can be run to different formats depending on your needs. By default, the report is returned as a PDF document. Clicking in the Format pull-down list will provide other options for the report, such as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file that would allow you to open this report in Microsoft Excel.

6.  Click OK once you have made your format choice.
Run to CSV
7.  You will be returned to the BAS Employee Processing Status page.  Click on the Process Monitor hyperlink near the Run button.   Note that your report has been assigned a unique number (Process Instance) to identify it.
Process Instance
8.  Click the Refresh button until Run Status equals Success and Distribution Status equals Posted.  Once those two values are seen, click the Detailslink at the end of the row.
Process Monitor
9.  On Process Detail page, find and click on View Log/Trace link.
View Log Trace
10.  On the View Log/Trace page, find the File List section, and locate the document with the correct file extension (such as a .CSV or .PDF extension). Click that link.
11.  The link will open the file type listing your employees based on the criteria you set when running the report. 
  • Event Process Status:  This indicates the current Ben Admin status of a given Event.  Below is a key to the values shown in the report:
    • AN - Assign None
    • AE - Assign Error
    • AS - Assigned
    • PE - Prepare Error
    • PR - Prepared
    • NT - Notified
    • EE - Election Error
    • RE - Re-enter
    • ET - Elections Entered
    • FA - Finalized Benefit Pgm None
    • FP - Finalized Prepared None
    • FE - Finalized Enrolled
  • Employee ID - unique employee identifier
  • Employee Name - first name, last name
  • Schedule ID - Will reflect the value chosen on the Run Control.  An EV schedule refers to daily Event Maintenance.  An OE schedule refers to Open Enrollment.  See List of Benefit Schedules in HRS  for more information on Schedule ID's.
  • Event ID - The unique number assigned to that Event in a specific Event Schedule
  • Event Date - reflects the date of the row added on Job Data, or the date manually entered for an ADM, SAV or UIA Event.
  • Event Class - the type of Event being processed (e.g. MSC, ADM, DTA, etc.)
  • Event Status - Will indicate if the Event is Open for Processing (O), Closed (C), or Voided (V)
  • Process Indicator- indicates the action being taken by Benefits Administration.  Process Indicator values include:
    • A - Assign Benefit Program
    • E - Elect Options
    • N - Normal Processing
    • P - Prepare Options
    • R - Re-enter
    • V - Void
  • Benefit Program - the current Benefit Program an employee is assigned to at this stage of Benefits Administration processing.

Sample Report

*Please note that names and employee ID numbers have been removed from the sample report below.Sample Report

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