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Entering a Transfer from University Staff to Academic Staff / Limited to HRS


This document describes the high level activities required in order to administer a transfer from University Staff to an Academic Staff or Limited appointment.

Process Considerations:

  • Best practice is to process transfers for a future date, with an appointment effective date on the first day of a payroll period.
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1. University Staff employee accepts new position as Academic Staff or Limited appointee

2. Institution Human Resources enters the transfer:
  • Institution HR notifies the institution Payroll unit of the employee transfer
3. Institution Payroll reviews active general deductions
  • Some deductions, such as garnishments, TASC parking/transit, van pool, and certain ongoing voluntary deductions, should not be manually updated or may require consulting with the employee prior to updating.
4. Institution Benefits administrator reviews the employee's benefit enrollments
  • UWSS Service Ops is notified of pending benefits eligibility change via the Miscellaneous Event Evaluation report.  When required, Institutions will be notified to complete any required counseling.
  • If the employee is enrolled in ICI, they will need to complete an ICI enrollment form to change plans.
5. Institution Absence Management unit reviews the employee's future-dated absence takes
  • Institution Absence Management unit removes all future-dated (equal to or after the effective date of new appointment) absence takes for the former University Staff job
  • Institution Absence Management unit completes the Absence Management Movement from University Staff to Academic Staff or Limited Appointee form
    • Select the New Position check box
    • Send an email, with the form attached, to UW Shared Services - Service Ops to create a WiscIT
    • UWSS Service Ops - AM Team will process all leave balance transfers as needed

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