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Reviewing Benefits Arrears Balances in HRS


Arrears balances are created when an employee's net pay within a pay period is insufficient to cover a deduction or a retroactive benefit change has occurred. This procedure should be used to view arrears balances identified by running the Arrears Query (Reference KB 34230) or when reconciling employee premiums.

Benefit Administrators have the options to allow arrears balances to flow on payroll, open a ticket to clear or adjust the balances, or have the balances enrolled in Benefits Billing. Benefit Administrators may also need to complete the Outstanding Employee Balance Payment Agreement with the employee if payment plan is over several payroll checks.

Process Considerations:

  • Arrears balances will update after:
    • Retroactive Benefit/Deductions (Retro Ben) is loaded to Arrears which is typically two days before the final payroll confirm.  Retro Ben is a result of a change in coverage.
    • Payroll has confirmed resulting in a change to arrears balances due to insufficient net earnings or prior arrears balances deducting.
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  1. Navigate to: Payroll for North America > Periodic Payroll Events USA > Balance Reviews > Arrears
  2. Enter the Empl ID into the Search Criteria and click Search.

    Arrears Search Page Replaced
  3. The Arrears Balances tab will display balances for each Deduction Code as of the last confirmed payroll or Retro Ben load.  Plan Types, Benefit Plans, and Payroll Deductions Job Aid in HRS will provide a reference to the Plan Type, Benefit Plan, and Deduction Code appearing on the page.
    • Multiple rows may exist on the Arrears Balance tab if the employee has a balance for more than one Deduction Code.
    • Click on the View All hyperlink to display all rows.

      Arrears Multiple rows
  4. In this example, the employee has an Arrears Balance of $219.00 for Plan Type 10 (State Group Health) for the Dean w/Dental Benefit Plan.  This arrears balance will take on the next available payroll check that has earnings.

    Arrears Example
  5. The Arrears Balance Adjustment tab will display the before and after adjustment balance. 
  • Multiple rows may exist on the Arrears Balance Adjustment tab if the employee has a balance for more than one Deduction Code.
Balance Adjustment Page

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