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Running the Benefit Arrears Balance Query in HRS


Arrears balances are created when an employee's net pay within a pay period is insufficient to cover a deduction or a retroactive benefit change has occurred. The Arrears Benefit Balances query provides the ability for Administrators to view all pending balances for their institution. Benefit Administrators need to review and determine if the arrears balance will take on the next payroll or request the balance to be removed with a payment plan or benefits billing to collect missing deductions.

Process Considerations:

  • Arrears balances will update after:
    • Retroactive Benefit/Deductions (Retro Ben) is loaded to Arrears which is typically two days before the final payroll confirm.  Retro Ben is a result of a change in coverage.
    • Payroll has confirmed resulting in a change to arrears balances due to insufficient net earnings or prior arrears balances deducting.
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  1. Navigate to:  Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
  2. Enter UW_BN_REVIEW_ARREARS into the search criteria and click Search.

  3. You are shown the Search Results below.  If you had done a partial search, multiple queries may appear in the list.  If you searched for the specific query you are looking for, you should only see that value below.  To view the query, click the link for Excel.

  4. Once you click on the Excel link, a new page will open.  On that page, you will enter your Business Unit into the Business Unit field.  You can also search for your business unit by clicking on the magnifying glass.
  5. After you choose your business unit, click View Results.

    UW_BN_REVIEW_ARREARS Run Control Page
  6. Open the query using Microsoft Excel and click OK or Open depending on your internet browser.
  7. Review the results and determine a course of actions if needed.  Please contact UW Shared Services - Service Operations if you need arrears balances adjusted.  Note:  An employee may appear on the report with multiple rows if they have balances for more than one Deduction Code.  The data appearing in the Excel spreadsheet is:

A.  Empl ID

B.  Empl Record

C.  Name

D.  HR Status

E.  Payroll Status

F.  Pay Group

G.  Business Unit

H.  Plan Type = A list of Plan Type are available in Plan Types, Benefit Plans, and Payroll Deductions Job Aid in HRS.

I.  Benefit Plan = A list of Benefit Plans are available in Plan Types, Benefit Plans, and Payroll Deductions Job Aid in HRS.

J.  Deduction Code = A list of Deduction Codes are available in Plan Types, Benefit Plans, and Payroll Deductions Job Aid in HRS.

K.  Deduction Classification = Deduction Class values are B for Before Tax and A for After Tax.

L.  Arrears Balance = Arrears balance amount

UW_BN_REVIEW_ARREARS Excel Spreadsheet

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