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Time Reporting Codes (TRCs) in HRS


This procedure provides an overview of Time and Labor Time Reporting Codes (TRCs). This procedure will assist time reporters, managers, supervisors, and payroll coordinators in understanding what TRCs are and how they process in Time and Labor.
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Time Reporting Codes Overview

As part of PeopleSoft Time and Labor set-up, an organization determines how it will collect and record time. The Time Reporting Code (TRC) is an element by which the system collects labor data, hours, amounts, or units worked. TRCs are used to record time entries in Time and Labor. TRCs can be configured to record amounts, units or hours. TRCs are mapped to Payroll earnings codes and Absence Management takes.

Time Reporting Codes are assigned to TRC programs and a TRC Program is assigned to a Workgroup.  Each employee is then assigned a Workgroup on their Time Reporter Data page.  The TRC program is a collection of TRCs that are available to a time reporter. 

Time Reporting Codes are in the timesheet and in payable time. TRCs are viewable in the timesheet within the TRC drop-down list. Some TRCs are "rules only" TRCs which will not be viewable in the drop-down list to select by the employees or supervisors/coordinators. However, there are some special "rules only" TRC's that will be available to the supervisors/coordinators because of specific circumstances, such as paying overtime for employees with multiple jobs. The default TRC is 'blank.' If no TRC is selected when time is submitted, the 'blank' TRC defaults to REG00 for University Staff and academic hourly, REG01 for students and grad assistant hourly, and REG02 for FA/AS/LI non exempt fellows in payable time.

Supervisors and payroll coordinators will see a larger list of TRCs in the timesheet than employees. Employees will only see TRCs which are assigned to their workgroup and respective TRC program. The supervisors and payroll coordinators will also see the TRCs that are applicable to their other employees. TRC programs by workgroups will be discussed later in this procedure.

The examples below show an employee view of TRCs in the timesheet and the supervisor/payroll coordinator view for the same employee/workgroup.

9.2TRC Replace Picture               

As supervisors and payroll coordinators approve time for processing in payroll, they will also see Time Reporting Codes in payable time. TRCs will appear in payable time which are not included in the timesheet TRC drop-down list. This is because some TRCs are set-up as "Rules only" TRCs. For example, the employee, supervisor, or payroll coordinator will not see night differential for FLSA nonexempt employees TRCs in the timesheet TRC drop-down list, yet the TRCs will appear in payable time. This is because night differential TRCs are "rules only" TRCs. For instance, if an FLSA nonexempt employee works during qualifying time for night differential, as Time Administration processes the day's time, rules within Time Admin will automatically calculate night differential for the period. The TRC for night differential is ND045. ND045 is not selectable in the screenshot above, but it will appear automatically in payable time as seen in the screenshot below if the rules are met.

Example of TRCs in Payable Time

TRC in Payable Time

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