Initiating a Criminal Background Check and Sexual Harassment Reference Check in TAM


Process of initiating Criminal Background Check and Sexual Harassment Reference Checks for new hires using TAM

Process Considerations:

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Instructions for Initiating CBC and SHRC

WARNING: There are a few dispositions which do not allow completion of the entire process.
    • Does Not Meet Minimum Qual
    • Linked
    • Linked Questionnaire
    • Hired (if the applicant is already in this status please contact Shared Services)
    • Reject
    • Withdrawn Application
    • Applicant Rejected offer
  1. Click Other Actions on the applicant line on the Manage Job Opening page.
  2. Select Applicant Actions > Manage Applicant Checklists
  3. In the Checklist field enter UWPREC.
  4. Click the delete row (garbage can) icon for the three Position of Trust types that do not apply.
    • Do not change the Status or Status Date.
    • If more or less than one Position of Trust type remains you will get an error message.
  5. Click Save.
    NOTE: The process to start the SHRC is run once in the morning and once in the afternoon. When the request is started the status will automatically change to In Progress.

    Applicant Checklist

  6. Click Other Actions on the applicant line on the Manage Job Opening page.
  7. Select Applicant Actions > Pre-Employment Check
  8. In the Background Screening Provider drop down, select HireRight, Inc.
  9. Click the Request New Inquiry button.
  10. A new browser tab will open to HireRight.
    WARNING: If a new tab does not open, verify that pop ups are enabled for the browser.
  11. Review the shown job location, if it does not show the location of the main campus, click Select and select the Institution.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Select the Package from the Select Packages drop down list.
    NOTE: The most common package is 1 - Regents Standard Package, but all packages are compliant per the UW Policy
  14. Click Next.
  15. On the Define Order page, click the radio button for Email applicant information.
  16. Verify the Applicant Information, Campus and Department.
    NOTE: Empl ID, Empl Record number and profile sequence should not be entered.
  17. Click Next.
  18. Invitation Sent! message will appear, close the browser tab.
  19. Click Return to Previous Page hyperlink back in HRS.
  20. On the Pre-Employment Check page the screening should have a status of Request Initiated.
    NOTE: if the Status says "Request Failed" the CBC was not started either due to a connection error with HireRight or you do not have permission to enter a request. Contact UW-Shared Services for more information.
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Reviewing SHRC and CBC Status

  1. Click the Application icon for the applicant, on the Manage Job Opening page.
  2. Click the Other tab.
  3. The Status field will show the current status of SHRC (Applicant Checklist) and CBC (Pre-Employment Check).
    NOTE: To review additional information, click the hyperlink in the summary field.
     - CBC Adjudication Statuses:
    • Meets Company Standards (Status Complete)
    • Does Not Meet Company Standards (Status cancelled)
    • No Grade (Status Cancelled)
    • Pending (Status Needs Review)
    - SHRC Status
    • Initiated (checklist saved)
    • In Progress (process is underway)
    • Completed (process finished and meets company standards)
    • Cancelled  (request is no longer active)

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