Managing the Time and Absence MSS Dashboard in HRS


The Manager Self Service (MSS) Time and Absence Dashboard is a one stop shop for managers to review approve pending time and absence requests for their direct reports in an efficient and timely manner.

Process Considerations:

warning sign  If you click the timesheet link in any of the pagelets you will open the pagelet on a new browser tab, do not navigate to the dashboard from this tab, close the tab and continue working on the original dashboard tab. Having the Time and Absence MSS Dashboard open in multiple browser tabs could impact on performance or cause data inconsistency.

You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:


All UW employees can access the MyUW System portal at using their UW institutional ID username and password.

UW-Madison employees can access the MyUW Madison portal at using their UW-Madison NetID username and password.

Click on the Time/Absence Dashboard icon on the Manager Self Service Tile


From within HRS the navigation path is: Manager Self Service > Time Management > Time and Absence MSS Dashboard

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria pagelet filters information appearing in each pagelet. Criteria in the selection criteria pagelet defaults from the Manager's TL Group ID(s).

  • By default the Selection Criteria will include the default Time Reporting Group and the current pay period being processed.
    NOTE: To change the default information such as Time Reporting Group, see KB Creating Custom MSS Time Management User Preferences in HRS
  • Criteria can be changed or additional fields can be used to filter on different information, such as name or department.
    NOTE: To see other time reporter groups that you are responsible/back up for, click the magnifying glass.
warning If selection criteria is changed the Refresh button must be pushed to automatically apply the changes to be applied to pagelets.


Absence Request

  • Initially displays all pending absence requests, for both hourly and salaried employees, regardless of the date range in the Selection Criteria pagelet.
    By default the screen will only display the first 10 requests, click View All to load all absences to one list.


Approve Request

  1. To approve absences, click the check box(es) next to the individuals and select approve.
    NOTE: If an employee has a warning icon in the alerts column, this indicates that the absence request exceeds the employee's available balance. This does not prevent the approval from processing. Managers should follow existing business practices when an absence request exceeds an employee's available balance.
    • To review additional information, including hours balance or to enter a comment, click on the individual's name.
    • To see additional information for all individuals, including hours balance and absence reason, click View Details.
  2. Once the request has been approved, the entry will be removed automatically from the list.

Push Back Request

  1. Click on the employee's name.
  2. Enter a comment with reason for push back.
  3. Click the Pushback button.


Payable Time Approvals

  • Displays pending time approval requests for bi-weekly employees, during the date range displayed in the Selection Criteria pagelet.
    NOTE: By default the screen will only display the first 10 requests, click View All to load all pending time to one list.
  • You can apply a filter to only see certain categories of time reporting codes (TRC).

  • To see payable time details, including date the time was earned, a link to the timesheet, and a place to add comments, click on the individuals name. From this page you can approve or deny time based upon the date earned.
  • Clicking on the View Details hyperlink will display the payable time details for all employees shown in the payable time list.

Approve/Deny Request

  1. To approve or deny payable time, click the check box(es) next to the individuals and click the appropriate button.
  2. Once the request has been approved or denied the request(s) will be removed from the list.


Pending Approvals Outside Criteria in the Selection Criteria Pagelet

A red warning icon will appear at the bottom of the pagelet, if you have pending time approvals that do not fall within the criteria in the selection criteria.
  1. Change the start/end date in selection criteria.
  2. Click the Refresh button.


Time & Labor Exceptions

  • Initially displays all employees with a Time and Labor Exception regardless of the date range displayed in the Selection Criteria pagelet.
    By default the screen will only display the first 10 requests, click View All to load all exceptions to one list.
  • Click on the Timesheet hyperlink in an individual's row to be taken to their timesheet to manage exceptions.


Payable Time Summary

warning  If you have approved payable time or absences from the dashboard, click the Refresh button in the Selection Criteria Pagelet to have these changes appear in the Payable Time Summary.
  • Allows managers to see at a glance if there is pending time to be approved or an employee has not submitted enough time for the pay period.
    NOTE: By default the screen will only display the first 10 requests, click View All to load summary for everyone on one list.
  • Only bi-weekly employees will appear in this summary.
  • Entered time will update automatically in the Payable Time Summary section after the time admin process has been run (runs six time daily at 4a, 9a, 11a, 1p, 3p, and between 6p and 8p).



  • A number of core time and labor and absence manage reports are available from the dashboard.

  • Time and Labor Pivot Grids
    1. Select the hyperlink for the pivot grid you would like to review.
      •    Payable Time by Status – provides a picture of approved time and unapproved time that may require action
      •    Absence Type – Absence Mgmt – review employee leave take history
      •    Time Categories Comparison – review of hours by category, such as, differentials, overtime, non-paid and regular
    2. Enter the date range
    3. Click Generate Report
    4. Results will appear.
      •    Change the chart type, by clicking one of the icons in the bottom left
    5. To review a section in more detail
      a.    Click on the section within the chart to view
      • Select Detailed view - to see a popup window with detailed information for that section
      • Select Drilldown to and select one of the items on the list – to redraw the pivot grid
    6. To return to the dashboard, close the browser tab
  • Time and Labor/Absence Management Reports
    NOTE: For more information on time and labor reports, see KB Time and Labor Reports in HRS
    1. Click on the arrow next to the report type to view report options.
    2. Click on the report name to begin the report process.


Collapse Pagelet

  • If there is a pagelet that you do not want to view, you can collapse the pagelet.
  1. Click the sprocket in the upper right of the pagelet.
  2. Select Minimize.

  3. To return the minimized pagelet back, click the sprocket and select Expand.

Modify Layout

  • If you are using the dashboard on a laptop of computer with a smaller monitor you may wish to change the layout of the pagelets on the dashboard.
  • For more information on changing content layout, see KB Personalizing Content and Layout in HRS

Customize Pagelet Grid

  • You can personalize the information grid in each pagelet by using the customization tool in the upper right corner of your screen.

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