Creating and Evaluating Open Ended Questions in TAM


Open Ended Screening Questions (Essay Questions) can be used in screening during an application. Once the question has been added to the screening criteria when creating a Job Opening, evaluators must be assigned as those who will be reviewing the answers provided by the applicants.

Process Considerations:

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Instructions for Setting Up Open Ended Questions

  1. Navigation: Manage Job Openings > Screening
  2. Click Add Screening Question
  3. Select the Open Ended Question from the list
  4. Select the Enter Evaluators hyperlink

    add a question
  5. Enter the Empl IDs of the individuals who will be evaluating the applicant's responses
    NOTE: click the plus sign to add additional evaluators

    assign evaluators
  6. Complete the steps to place the open ended question in an applicant screening and assign maximum points, see KB Creating Job Opening(s) in TAM

Evaluating Open Ended Question Responses

After an applicant has submitted an application with an open ended question, an email will be sent to the evaluators
email for open ended questions
  1. Navigation: Self Service > Recruiting > Evaluate Open Ended Questions
  2. Click on the Reference Number of the Open Ended Question to evaluate

    evaluate open ended questions
  3. Review the applicant's answer
  4. Enter Evaluation Points in the bottom right.
    NOTE: The Maximum Points appear in the bottom left
  5. Click Submit to record the evaluation score
    NOTE: Clicking Save allows the evaluator to review the response again, however the score is not recorded until Submit is selected.

    enter evaluation points
  6. Once a score has been submitted it will be removed from your list.

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