UPS Voluntary Reassignment Process (Univ Staff to Academic Staff/Limited) in HRS


Effective August 1 2015, exempt University Staff employees at the University of Wisconsin can volunteer to be reassigned to an Academic Staff or Limited appointment type. Triggered by the HRS HR Job row, several downstream HRS modules are impacted by this reassignment. This KB describes the entire HRS process for the voluntary reassignment from University Staff to Academic Staff or Limited. It is designed to address the high-level activities that need to be performed in order to implement the reassignment in HRS in a single KB. The KB also references more detailed KBs and other reference materials that are relevant to this process.

Process Considerations:

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Process Flow Chart

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  1. Employee voluntarily decides to be reassigned to Academic Staff/Limited
  2. Institution HR makes the Position change and corresponding Job update
  3. Institution HR notifies the institution payroll unit of the employee reassignment
  4. Institution HR adds an E40 FA/AS/LI employee work schedule to the employee
  5. A benefit event corresponding to the previous Job update is created and prepared
  6. Institution benefits administrator is notified of the pending benefits eligibility change via the Miscellaneous Event Evaluation (MSC) Report
  7. Institution benefits administrator reviews the employee's benefit enrollments
  8. Institution benefits administrator finalizes the Voluntary Reassignment benefit event
  9. Decision Point:  Is the employee enrolled in Employee Enrolled in ICI (TSA or WI Deferred Compensation) plans?
    • Yes: Employee completes the appropriate benefit forms to change plans and/or update the per payroll contribution
      • Institution benefit administrator process the received applications.  Proceed to step 11
    • No:  Proceed to step 11
  1. Decision Point:  Is the institution credentialed to enter benefit pay lines?
    • Yes: Institution benefits unit stops the benefit deductions from the last biweekly payroll.  Proceed to step 13
    • No: Institution benefits unit sends an email to UWSS Service Ops to create a Voluntary Reassignment ticket.  Ticket Category: UWSS - Service Ops HR; Subcategory: UPS - Voluntary Reassignment.  Proceed to step 12
  1. UW Service Ops stops the benefit deductions from taking from the last biweekly payroll and emails a reply to the institution requesting the Absence Management Voluntary Reassignment form
  2. Institution absence management unit removes all future-dated absence takes for the former University Staff job

  3. Institution absence management unit completes the Absence Management Voluntary Reassignment form and attaches the form to the Voluntary Reassignment ticket.  If the Voluntary reassignment ticket does not already exist, the institution absence management unit sends an email with the attached Absence Management Voluntary reassignment form to UWSS Service Ops to create the ticket

  4. UW Service Ops processes all leave balance transfers as needed

  5. UW Service Ops closes the Voluntary Reassignment ticket and notifies the institution

  6. End of process

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