Processing the Missing Default Schedule Report (Academic Staff) in HRS


The UW_HR_UNC_NO_DEFAULT_SCHED WED report is an error report created to find Academic Staff members without a correctly assigned work schedule. These errors appear in the WED, notifying credentialed users of missing/incorrect employee data, and provides the ability to fix the data accordingly in an on-demand basis.

This procedure provides instructions for completing the WED report by assigning a work schedule to an employee.

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  1. Log in to HRS.  WED Error Queries appear on the home page, based on your current security roles and whether there are errors to fix. 

  2. Click the UW HR UNC NO DEFAULT SCHED query. This query is also accessible from the FLSA WorkCenter, found at Workforce Administration > Job Information > UW FLSA WorkCenter. For more information about the WorkCenter, see KB PD-WorkCenter.

  3. Click the Check to Claim check box; your name will appear in the Claimed by section with the date and time noted.

    Check to claim

  4. Click SCH_ASSIGN link

  5. You are taken to the Assign Work Schedule page (Time and Labor > Enroll Time Reporters > Assign Work Schedule)

  6. Add a row.

  7. Enter the Effective Date of the change.

  8. Assignment Method: leave as "Select Predefined Schedule"
  9. Schedule ID: Select "E40_MTWRF_8H"
    Note: This schedule should be used regardless of the employee's FTE.  Absences are prorated by FTE.
  10. Click Save to continue.
  11. In the WED query, click the Completed check box.  Your name will appear in the Completed by section with the date and time noted.


  12. Click the Home link to return to the main WED page.

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