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Running the Screening Question Query in TAM


The TAM Screening Question Query was created to provide a searchable way to view complete screening questions and their related answers from HRS. The query is primarily used by institutional Recruiters or designee to locate appropriate screening questions and correct answer combinations to assist when creating a new job Opening within TAM. This public query allows those with the Recruiter security role the ability to query screening questions within HRS.

Process Considerations:

  • Use of a percent sign (%) before and after the keyword is required.
  • This query will be run on an Ad Hoc basis.

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  1. Navigate to: Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer.

  2. In the "begins with" field, enter some or all of the query name UW_TA_SCR_QSTNS

  3. Click Search.

  4. Click either HTML or Excel to select which format to run the query.  A new browser tab will open.

    question query

  5. Enter a keyword to search the screening question library.  You must use percent signs (%) before and after the keyword. 
    9.2 Warning sign  The query will not work unless you place a % in front of and after the keyword.
    • To return all questions in the TAM screening question library, type two % signs and click View Results. i.e. %%
    • To search for an exact phrase, place a % before and after the phrase.  i.e %social work%.
    • To search for multiple words, parse out each word by surrounding each one with a % sign.  i.e. %social%work%.
    • The query is case sensitive.   Running the query using capital letters will return different search results.  i.e. %Social Work% vs. %social work%
    • To search for all screening questions in a category, enter the shorthand abbreviation surrounded by a % sign. i.e. %CR%.
    • This query will search both the Long description field as well as the Question Code field for the keyword. Searching by Question Code can be used to return an entire category of questions.  Question Codes are identified in the following:
      • ED = Education
      • CR = Certificates
      • TR = Training
      • EX = Experience
      • LS = Leadership
      • BC = Broadcast
      • TW = Team Work
      • RS = Research
      • OT = Others

  6. Click on the View Results button.

  7. Once the appropriate question is found, make note of the Question ID, Question Code, or Descr field.  This can then be entered into the Screening Criteria through the standard method on the Job Opening Screening tab by using the Question ID, Question Code, or Description fields from this query.  Reference Creating Job Opening(s) in TAM .

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