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Processing the WED New Hire Hold Report in HRS


The UW New Hire Hold is an error report created to notify campus Benefits and/or HR Administrators of employees who have blank values in their WRS Previous State or Local Service fields. These errors will appear in the Workflow Exception Dashboard (WED) notifying credentialed users of missing/incorrect employee data and the ability to fix them accordingly in an on-demand basis.

Process Considerations:

  • If the employee's WRS Previous State or Local Service Fields are blank on JOB data, it means that the overnight process that contacts the Employee Trust Funds (ETF) system has found a match on their Social Security Number indicating that they previously worked for a WRS eligible employer and may have prior service. This is the most common reason for an employee to appear on the WED.  Benefit Administrators must complete a WRS Prior Service check prior to following the steps in this procedure. (See: Looking up Prior WRS Service in ETF One)
  • If WRS Prior Service is not blank, it indicates the employee may have a Benefits Primary Job Flag issue or may be missing the employee's date of birth.  This person will remain on the New Hire Hold Report and WED until the issue is resolved. (Reference: Rebuilding Benefits Primary Job Flags in HRS)
  • An employee will remain on the New Hire Hold Report until all fields are properly populated for every Effective Date and maximum Effective Sequence for each date within each Empl Rcd.  Until all records are updated, the employee will not be assigned to a Benefit Program.
  • If no data is found, access OneNet ETF (See Looking up Prior WRS Service in ETF One) to find the employee's correct data to be entered into the UW Benefits Tab prior service fields. Institutions can update the most top row, by adding an effective dated row and sequence to update this information.
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1.  Log into HRS. If the WED is not automatically displayed on the Home page, then click the WED tab to switch to it. The main WED Error Queries appear based on your current security and whether there are errors to fix.

2.  Click on the UW_HR_NEW_HIRE_HOLD Error ID hyperlink. This query is also accessible from the FLSA WorkCenter, found at Workforce Administration > Job Information > UW FLSA WorkCenter. For more information about the WorkCenter, see KB Setting Up a WorkCenter in HRS.

  • Note - there are additional filters available to narrow your list:  Business Unit, Dept ID or DeptID (like), [] Claimed, [] Completed.
WED New Hire Hold Report Link
3.  Click the Check to Claim check box.  Your name will appear in the Claimed by section with the Date and Time noted.

4.  Click link to UW_BN_JOB_DATA. This will take you to the employee's UW Benefits tab on the Job Data page.

Link to Job Data

5.  Note that the Previous Service fields are blank and the Benefits Service Date is equal to the hire date.  

previous WRS service
6.  Click on the UW Benefits tab.  Use Correct History to add the appropriate number of months into the Previous WRS State and Local Service fields, update the health rate field based on FTE, update the Rehired Annuitant information if applicable and roll back the Benefit Service Date to match the prior State Service (maximum of 12 months).     
  • Special Note: The date field should be updated to include the employee's WRS start date if the employee was previously employed, but not in a WRS eligible position (example: reuse of terminated benefit records), as the benefits start date prefills to the employee's first start date listed on the record unless this date has been changed.
benefits tab

7. The Previous Service fields will need to be updated on each Empl Rcd. Click the Next in List and Previous in List buttons to navigate between Empl Rcd, and within each Empl Rcd click the right and left row buttons to find every Effective Date and maximum Effective Sequence of each date.

8.  Click the Save button when all data has been entered on all records.

9.  Close this window to return to the Error Query Summary Page.

10.  Click the Completed check box.  Your name will appear in the Completed by section with the Date and Time noted.

Completed By

11.  Click Home link to return to the main WED page OR

12.  Click Return to Dashboard link (available on every page) to return to the main WED page 

13.  Upon successful resolution of the employee's error and after nightly updates, the employee will fall off the list.

Further Research

Benefit Administrators can pull the New Hire Hold Report (UNBNR002 New Hire Hold Report) from Cypress, Cypress Web Client Login, to further investigate an employee. The report in Cypress shows the Effective Date, Empl Rcd, and which field is missing the data.

Cypress Report

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