Entering Foreign National and Applied for SSN or ITIN in HRS


This procedure defines the use of the fields for Foreign Nationals working outside the USA or Foreign Nationals working Inside the US but with no SSN or ITIN. Payroll processing uses these flags in their processes to appropriately assign Tax details to these employees.

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  1. Navigate to Workforce Administration > Personal Information >Modify a Person

  2. Enter empl ID or search by name.

  3. Click the UW Personal tab

  4. If the hire is a Foreign National working outside the US, click the check box.

  5. If the foreign national is working inside the US and is awaiting an SSN from the Social Security Administration, then click the applied for SSN or ITIN check box.


    NOTE: The "Applied for SSN or ITIN" checkbox should be unchecked once the SSN has been received by the employee and the person record updated.

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