Denying an Absence Request (Manager/Payroll Coordinator) in HRS


This procedure outlines how a manager or supervisor can deny an employee's absence request. Denying an absence request informs an employee that for some reason they should not take the requested time off and they will not be paid for the absence.

Process Considerations:

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Before using this guide, a Manager should know the following:  Campus login ID and password for My UW System Portal.

     1.  Log in to the My UW System portal at Note: UW-Madison employees can optionally log in to the My UW-Madison portal instead. For more information on logging into the My UW System portal, please see Logging into the / System Portal .

      2.  Locate the Manager Time and Approval module and click the Approve Absence link.

Approve Absence

      3.  You will be taken to the Absence Requests page. This page will show any Pending absence requests by default. Choose the absence you wish to deny by clicking on the employee's Name.

HRS View

*Note: you can view any requests you have approved or denied by changing the Show Requests By Status field to what you want to view ("Approved" or "Denied") and then click the Refresh button.

      4.  The Absence Details page will appear. Click on the Deny button to deny the absence request. You can optionally leave comments for the employee in the Approver Comments box.


Warning_5.png NOTE: This balance only reflects the balance as of the last Earnings Statement (i.e. confirmed payroll). Absences approved or taken since the last payroll are not reflected in this balance. You should always verify that your employees have available hours of leave to take before approving any absence requests.

      5.  You will see the Denial Confirmation page. Click Yes to deny the absence request.

Confirm Deny

       6.  On the Deny Confirmation page click OK to finish denying the absence request.

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