Running the Ripple Process in HRS


This procedure describes how to increase someone's pay retroactively, which will change all subsequent entries to the proper amount.

Process Considerations:

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  1. Navigate to Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data
  2. Enter the EmplID for the employee, or search by Name, Last Name

  3. If necessary, select the employee from the search results

  4. Click Correct History.

  5. Go to the correct date for the entry. The correct entry will be the entry that has the date closest to the date needed, but is earlier than the date you need to enter.

    For example you have to correct the pay rate of someone starting on 5/24/2011 their profile has two entries one at 6/20/2011 and one 2/10/2011. Even though the June entry is closer to the May entry you must create, June is later in the year so you must navigate to the February entry and then create a new entry from there.


  6. Create a new entry

  7. Enter the effective date of the Pay Rate Change.

  8. Select Action of Pay Rate Change

  9. Select the Reason for the change. See Action/Action Reason Codes Used in HRS.


  10. Click on the Compensation tab

  11. Enter the new Comp Rate.

  12. Click the Calculate Compensation button


  13. Click the Save button


  14. Click OK when prompted

    Review all inserted rows to confirm pay rate calculated correctly. The entries the system makes will have an action reason "Ripple".


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