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The Officer Code field is used to identify employees eligible for federal, executive teacher or protective retirement. This field is also used for employees with Veterans Administration Affiliation that receive benefits through UW employment even though on leave while at the VA, and for Craftworker Supervisors that must pay the total cost of their health insurance. It is also used to identify Academic Staff jobs that have Faculty status, and UW Madison employees that are USDA federal employees.
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Job Aid

Value Long Name Short Name Description
1 Federal Retirement Fed Ret Federal Employees located only at UW Extension and UW Madison. These employees are eligible for the Federal Retirement Plan and some federal life insurance plans.

2 VA Hospital Employee VA Hosp Veterans Hospital Employees employed only by the UW Madison/SMPH. These are UW Madison employees that are on a partial leave of absence to work at the VA Hospital and while on this leave are eligible for full employer contribution toward their health insurance premiums. They are also offered the State Group Life Insurance plan for a coverage amount equal only to their UW Madison earnings.

3 Executive Unclass Retirement ExecUn Ret Executive Teacher Retirement. Employees eligible for this retirement are generally the Chancellors and Provost at each Institution. This retirement group has a normal retirement age of 62 which is different than other groups and a different WRS contribution rate.

4 Protective Retirement Protec Ret Protective FA/AS/LI Employees. Generally the employee identified by this indicator is the Police Chief at each Institution. These employees are identified as FA/AS/LI employees but are not covered by the WRS Teacher retirement plan as are other FA/AS/LI employees. In order to enroll these FA/AS/LI employees in the appropriate retirement plan which is Protective Retirement, this indicator is required.  Protective Retirement employees have a normal retirement age of 53 and also have a higher WRS contribution rate.

5 USDA USDA This indicator has No impact on benefits. Employees with this indicator are faculty at UW Madison College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and are federal employees although they are not eligible for federal retirement.

6 Faculty Status Fac Status Used for academic staff who have been granted faculty status.
7 Craftworker Supervisor Crftwkrspv Craftworker Supervisors by definition are non-represented employees, however, for health insurance purposes are treated as employees represented by the Building and Trades bargaining agreement which specifies that the employees will pay the total cost of their health insurance. These employees do not receive employer share toward their premiums and in order to ensure that they are mapped to the appropriate health insurance rate tables, this indicator is required.
N None None Default value is equal to "None"


     HRS Navigation: Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data > Job Information tab
  1. The Officer Code is auto-populated for Craftworker Supervisor, Executive, and Protective.
  2. For all hires, the Officer Code field should be reviewed to ensure it is correctly populated.
  3. Select from the correct value drop-down if necessary.

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