Correcting TSA Deduction Errors in HRS


If an error is made and an employee is enrolled in a TSA plan incorrectly or had the incorrect amount taken from their payroll check, that employee must have his or her money refunded to them and "made whole."

Process Considerations:

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1.  Since the IRS holds the employer accountable, the Plan Administrator should be contacted in the event a return of excess is required or if an employee needs a refund to be made whole for an incorrect contribution.

Plan Administrator Contact:

Rose Stephenson
TSA 403(b) Plan
University of Wisconsin System Human Resources
Fax: 608-265-5307

Plan Administrator Contact:

Erinn Bittinger
WDC 457(b) Plan
University of Wisconsin System Human Resources
Fax: 608-890-2327

2.  The employee's records in HRS will need to updated to reflect any returns of excess.  For more information, please reference:  Adjusting Savings Management Service in HRS .

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