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How to change a WIS GI Bill User account password with the SQL Plus application

Process Considerations:

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Download and Install SQL Plus

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Change Password Steps

  • Open a Command prompt - Go the lower-hand corner in the text field next to the start button type cmd – Hit ‘Enter’.  A window will open. 
    command prompt
  • Type the command (seen below) into the command prompt window and hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard. Add your account username and your password as indicated in the command below.
    • sqlplus your_username/your_password@\"//\"
      sql code
  • As seen in the image above, an example:  sqlplus uwslhk/Snow2022shovel#@\"//\"
    • Make sure to update the command to match your username and password
  • You are now connected using your old/temp password.
  • To change your password to a new value type in the command – password – Hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.
  • You will be prompted to update your password.  If the new password passes validation, the password will be changed.

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