Database Tools - SQL Developer Password Change Steps


How to change a database account passwords using the SQL Developer database application

Process Considerations:

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Download and install SQL Developer

  1. You can download SQL Developer from here -
  2. Choose the 1st option from the downloaded site - Windows 64-bit with JDK 8 included
  3. Accept the license and the zip file will download.  
  4. When the download completes, unzip the file to a new directory on your pc – such as C:\temp\sql_developer
  5. Double-click the file ‘sqldeveloper.exe’ in the newly created folder and the app will start up

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Create a New Connection and Change Password

  • With SQL Developer open, upper left-hand corner – select arrow next to the ‘+’ sign – New Database Connection

    Image 1
  • A window will open, now you can define the connection  – enter the values you see in the image below. Click on Save to save the connection and close the window.

    Image 2
  • Right-click on the connection you just created and select ‘Reset Password’.

    Image 3
  • The New Password windows will open and you can update your password and click OK when finished.

    Image 4
  • You can close the SQL Developer application and use the new password in the GI Bill application.
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