Correcting and Updating Person Checklists via WED


This document identifies how to correct Person Checklist for employees. The configuration for Checklist codes and checklist items in HRS are accessed by all areas of checklists within HCM. There is no way to prevent a user from choosing a Checklist Code/Checklist Item Codes in the specific business processes that we have designated to be used.

For BI reporting, specific checklist codes and checklist items are used. For example, Campus Seniority Dates - Checklist Code = UWSNDT, Checklist Item Code = UWxCSD (where x = campus letter) and Status = C (Completed). If someone is employed at multiple campuses then they should add the Campus Seniority Date for that campus along with the correct date.

Process Considerations

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Instructions for Correcting Person Checklist

  1. Click the UW_HR_PER_CHKLST_INCORRECT Query link.
    NOTE: Once you see the query results, there are filters above the list: Business Unit, DeptID (1), DeptID - Like (2), Show Claimed, Show Completed.
  2. Click the "Check to Claim" check box. Your name will appear in the Claimed by section with the Date and Time noted.
  3. For the employee you have claimed, click the PERSON_CHECKLIST link in the Link to Correct column.
  4. A new browser tab opens with the employee's Person Checklist, click on View All or the left/right arrows to find the incorrectly added checklist code.
    NOTE: You can also use Find to search for the incorrect checklist code (ex. UWDATE, UWPREC).

  5. Once you are at the incorrectly added Checklist Code, determine if a different checklist code needs to be added by scrolling through what already exists for the Employee ID .

    If no, skip to #6

    If yes, click on the + (plus) sign to add a new checklist code row. The Checklist Date will default to the current date - change accordingly. Then enter in the correct Checklist Code (ex. UWSNDT) and update the checklist item code(s) accordingly. Make sure you change the dates and add the correct statuses on the new checklist code. Click Save.
  6. After you have saved the new Checklist Code, click on the - (minus) sign of the incorrect Checklist Code row to remove .A Delete Confirmation box will appear with the following wording:

    Delete current/selected rows from this page? The delete will occur when the transaction is saved. 

    Click OK if you are sure you want to removeAfter the checklist code row is removed, click Save.
  7. To return to the main WED page, you can either click the Home link or the Return to Dashboard link, which is available on every page.


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