Running the Benefit Email Query in HRS


The Benefit Email Query is designed to give Administrators the ability to identify employees who received benefit emails on a particular day for their business unit.

Process Considerations:

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1.  Click Reporting Tools → Query → Query Viewer

2.  Enter  UW_BN_EMAIL into the search criteria and click Search.


3.  You are shown the Search Results below.  If you had done a partial search, multiple queries may appear in the list.  If you searched for the specific query you are looking for, you should only see that value below.  To view the query, click the link for Excel.


4.  A prompt window will open.  On that page, enter the Business Unit and Date Sent you want to run the report for.  You can also search for the Business Unit by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the field.  After you choose your business unit, click View Results.


5.  Open the query using Microsoft Excel and click OK or Open depending on your internet browse.

Below is an example of Mozilla Firefox.


Below is an example of Windows Internet Explorer 10.


Review the results.  Note:  An employee may appear on the report with multiple rows for separate email messages.

  1. Empl ID = Employee's ID Number
  2. Name = Employee's Name
  3. Unit = Business Unit
  4. Dept ID = Department ID Number
  5. Date Sent = Date the email was sent
  6. Email Address = Employee's email address
  7. Email Subject = The email subject line

/images/group426/shared/Warning_Sign.pngThe  following message will appear if query results are greater than 8,178.


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