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Running the Additional Pay Mass Upload Process in HRS


This document describes the process to mass upload additional pay records to the Workflow Addl Pay Create page. All additional pay/lump sum records must be entered or uploaded to the Workflow Addl Pay Create page so they can go through the approval process. Addl pay records need to be uploaded using the provided template in the correct format. All files should be reviewed for accuracy and correct formatting prior to uploading into HRS.

Process Considerations:

  • The security role needed for this functionality is UW_UNV_PY_MASS_ADDL_PAY
  • The person who mass uploads the additional pay file will be recorded as the "enterer" on the additional pay record of each employee on the file.  You cannot approve a record that you entered.
  • It is strongly recommended that additional pay records are uploaded and fully approved before the paysheet create of the payroll on which the payment should be made.
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1.  Enter the information for each additional pay record you want to upload on the Additional Pay Mass Upload template in the correct format:

Template Example:

Template Example

Template Instructions:

Mass Upload Template Instructions

2.  Make sure the mass upload file is saved as a .csv file on your computer.
3.  Navigate to the mass upload page: Payroll for North America > Employee Pay Data USA > Workflow Addl Pay File Upload
4.  Enter a value for the Run Control ID and click Search.
5.  Click on the Upload File link on the page.  A new window will pop up where you will click Browse to attach the upload file from where you saved it on your computer.  The file name will then appear in the window.  Click the Upload button to upload the file to the page.
Upload file replace
Browse for File
6.  Now that the file is uploaded to the page, you will see it on the Attached File line.  If you accidentally uploaded the incorrect file, you can click the trash can icon to remove the current file and then can re-upload the correct file.  You will also see that the Uploaded On line will show the date and time the file was uploaded, and the by line will show the Empl ID of the uploader.
7.  Click the Run button in the upper right corner of the page to run the process that will upload the additional pay records to the Workflow Addl Pay Create page.
File On Page
8.  The Process Scheduler Request window will open.  Click OK to initiate the process.
9.  You will be taken back to the run control window.  Click the Process Monitor link to navigate to the Process Monitor to view the status of your job.  The process name in the Process Monitor will be UW_WFAP_LOAD.
10.  Refresh the Process Monitor until the job has run to a Run Status of "Success" and Distribution Status of "Posted."  If the process runs to "No Success", the records were not uploaded and likely means the file has a formatting error that needs to be reviewed and fixed before attempting to re-run the upload process.
11.  Once the process has run to success, an error report will be generated that shows which records were successfully uploaded and which were not.  To view the report, click on the Details link of the UW_WFAP_LOAD job in the process monitor.  A new window will open.  Click on the View Log/Trace link within this window, and another new window will open.  In the File List section, there will be two files: a .log file and a .xls spreadsheet.
  • NOTE: If all records on your upload file loaded successfully, there will not be a .xls spreadsheet in the View Log/Trace
12.  Click on the .xls file to open the spreadsheet.  The document will be a replica of the file you just uploaded except a new column (Column A with the header ERROR?) has been added to show whether the record was successfully uploaded or not.  If the record was successfully uploaded to the Workflow Addl Pay Create page, this column will show N.  If the record did not upload successfully, the column will show Y. If a row has a Y in the ERROR? column you will also see the reason for the error in the far right column of that row.
  • NOTE: There are a number of edits built into the Workflow Addl Pay Create page that prevent incorrect data being added to that page.  These edits are also invoked during the mass upload process, so records may error out of the mass upload if a record fails one of the page edits.  Please see KB Entering Additional Pay in HRS for more information on the kinds of records that can not be added to the Workflow Addl Pay Create Page
upload results

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