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Updating the UW Benefits Tab on Job Data in HRS


Benefits Administration relies on specific critical Job Data fields to determine an employee's eligibility for benefits. These fields include the Employee Class (Empl_Class), FTE, Salary (in some cases), Continuity, Officer Code, and the values listed on the UW Benefits Tab. There are instances where the information on the UW Benefits Tab is not entered at the time of hire or rehire or has changed over time and needs to be updated so the employee is assigned to the appropriate Benefit Program and/or will be charged the correct premiums for insurances. This procedure documents the steps needed to add a sequenced row on Job Data to make those entries.

Process Considerations:

  • Lines of communication between campus HR Administrators and BN Administrators are critical to ensure data entry is done correctly.
  • If information needs to be updated on a historical row of data (row is not the most current row on Job Data) a ticket will need to be opened and assigned to UWSS Service Operations to update that information on your behalf.
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1.  Navigate to:  Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job data

2.  Click the plus sign on the current row on Job Data to add a new row.

work location tab

3.  The system will default the row's Effective Date to today's date.  Change the date to the Effective Date of the change you are making on Job Data. 

NOTE:  If the Effective Date is the same date as the current row, you will need to change the Sequence to 1.

effective date and sequence

4.  Click the Calculate Status and Dates button.

Calculate status and dates button

5.  Change the Action field to "Data Change" and the Action/Reason field to "BN Eligibility Update"

reason and job indicator

6.  Click on the arrow at the top right of the screen to reveal additional tabs.  Click on the UW Benefits Tab.

benefits tab

7.  Enter the information for a new hire or change existing information as needed.  Please note that if you are changing the Previous WRS Service and/or the WRS Before July 1, 2011 field, you must also change the Benefit Service Date to the appropriate value.  (For more information on this field, see KB 44317.)

UW Benefits tab custom fields

8.  Click the Save button


During overnight processes, the Populate Eligibility Configuration process will run followed by Benefits Administration (Ben Admin) and assess whether the employee should be reassigned to a new Benefit Program as of the date of the row.  If the employee is moving to a different Benefit Program, they will appear on the MSC Event Evaluation Report.  These processes can be run ad hoc by the Benefit Administrator on the campus.  For more information on these processes, please reference the KB documents listed below.

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