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Entering a Position Change - Voluntary Reassignment (UPS - Movement from University Staff to Academic Staff/Limited) in HRS


This procedure outlines changes that are required on Position due to movement from University Staff to Academic Staff/Limited as a Voluntary Reassignment. This procedure will ensure that the title, pay rate, and continuity are correct.

Process Considerations:

  • Additional actions on the employee's Employee Record will be needed
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To enter a voluntary reassignment update on a position, please follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to: Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data.

  2. Enter the Empl ID and Empl Record of the reassigning employee and click Search.

    Job Data Replace
  3. Copy the Position Number.

    Work Location Tab

  4. Navigate to: Organizational Development > Position Management > Maintain Positions/Budgets > Add/Update Position Info.

  5. Enter the Position Number and click Search.

    Position Number

  6. Click the plus sign to insert a new row into the existing Position. The Effective Date will default to today's date. Change the Effective Date to the date that the voluntary reassignment is effective. (Refer to the documentation for the Effective Date.)

  7. In the Position Information section, click the Reason Code search prompt (magnifying glass icon) to search for and select 110 Voluntary Reassignment (AS/LI).

    Description Tab

  8. In the Job Information section, update the following:

    • Job Code - enter the AS/LI Job Code and tab out of the field
    • Title - verify that the Title field updated correctly
    • Empl Class - select the correct Empl Class
    • Continuity - select the correct Continuity
    • Pay Basis - update to correct Pay Basis
      Job Information
  9. Review the Reports To and Location fields in the Work Location section and update, if needed.
    Work Location
  10. Go to the Specific Information tab and uncheck the Update Incumbents box.
  11. Click Save. You may encounter soft warnings regarding a blank Reports To field, and incumbent data not updated unless box is checked; click OK on these warnings.
    Specific Information tab
  12. Go to the Budget and Incumbents tab and click the Job Data link.
    12 Job Data Link
  13. To update Job Data, click the plus sign to insert a row. The effective date will default to today's date. Change the Effective Date to the date that the voluntary reassignment is effective. This is the same effective date that was used for the Position change.
  14. Enter the Action and Reason - Position Change and Voluntary Reassignment AS/LI.
  15. Update the Position Number field - this will update Job Data with the new position information.
    a.  Copy the Position Number.
    b.  Delete the Position Number and tab out of the field.
    c.  Paste the Position Number back in and tab out of the field.
    Job Data Work Location Tab
  16. Go to the Job Information tab and verify that the updated fields are correct. Note: Empl Class will likely come through as blank at this step, however, it will be populated once the entire process is complete.
    16 Job Information
  17. Go to the Payroll tab and verify that the Pay Group is correct.
    Job Data Payroll Tab
  18. Go to the Compensation tab. Select the correct Rate Code populated based upon the employee's Pay Basis, reference Comp Rate Frequency in HRS .
  19. Enter the Comp Rate.
  20. Verify or edit the bottom Frequency.
  21. Edit the top Frequency to B.
  22. Click the Calculate Compensation button.
  23. Verify the Compensation Rate (in the top Compensation section) is correct.
    Comp Tab Image
  24. Go to the UW Custom tab and verify that the Continuity field updated correctly.
  25. Update the Probation Type field.
  26. Reset the Working Title field.
  27. Click OK.
    UW Custom Tab
  28. Enter the Work Schedule by navigating to: Time and Labor > Enroll Time Reporters > Assign Work Schedule.
  29. Enter the Empl ID and Empl Record; click Search.
    Work Schedule
  30. Add a row.
  31. Enter the effective date of the voluntary reassignment.
    a.  Select E40_MTWRF_8H in the Schedule ID field.
  32. Click Save.
28-32 Work Schedule

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