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Sending Correspondence Email or Letter to Applicant in TAM


Send Correspondence is an action that enables users to send a letter or email message and attachments to an applicant using TAM. When sending the correspondence to an applicant, TAM saves the message as an Applicant Contact Note that can be viewed in the Note Details box on the Manage Applicant - Notes page. Send Correspondence is restricted to the Recruiter and TA Coordinator roles.

Process Considerations:

  • The system automatically creates applicant contact notes when a user emails candidates using Send Correspondence during the recruiting process.
  • Send Correspondence functionality of TAM can be used to contact the final candidate regarding the required sexual violence or sexual harassment questions per UPS Operational Policy TC1: Recruitment.
    • A job opening ID must be added to the Send Correspondence page when using it to record that the questions are being asked for a specific recruitment to restrict access for those not associated with the job opening. If a job opening ID is not added, then the applicant note created by Send Correspondence is visible to all Recruiters and TA Coordinator roles.
  •  Viewing, creating, or editing applicant contact notes created by Send Correspondence is restricted to Recruiter and TA Coordinator roles.
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Selecting Applicants

  1. Locate the Applicant for which you are sending correspondence by accessing the Job Opening or Application. See KB Searching for Job Opening or By Application in TAM or Recruiting Home Page in TAM for additional information.
  2. Locate the row of the applicant to whom you are sending the email. Click Other Actions > Applicant Actions > Send Correspondence.
Send Correspondence

NOTE: To send an email to multiple applicants, you would select those applicants and use the Group Action field to initiate the email correspondence.

  • Check the boxes next to the applicants you want to send correspondence.
  • Click Group Action > Applicant Actions > Send Correspondence

Group Send Correspondence

Sending Email

Send Correspondence

Message Type and Method

  1. Enter a Job Opening ID if one is not already populated.  Note: A job opening ID must be added if using Send Correspondence to ask the final candidate the required questions per UPS Operational Policy TC 1: Recruitment.
    1. The system will automatically populate the job opening ID if the user is initiating Send Correspondence within/associated with a job opening.
    2. An applicant contact note will be created for tracking within TAM.  Including a job opening ID will tie the communication note to that specific recruitment. Then viewing the note is restricted to only those Recruiters and TA Coordinators associated with the specific job opening.
  2. The Contact Method defaults to Email.
  3. Letter templates are not used with email correspondence so leave blank.
  4. The To field already shows the applicant or applicants whom you selected. You cannot modify this field.
    warning sign  TAM will send the email to the applicant's preferred email address. If the applicant record does not include a preferred email address, you will receive an error when you send the email.
    • NOTE: If you are sending the correspondence to multiple applicants, all names appear together. However, the system sends separate correspondence to each applicant and the applicants do not see the other names in the To field of the email they receive.
  5. Enter any additional UW employee recipients using the Cc or Bcc fields.
    • To look up recipients, click the Find link.
    • You can find employees using their empl ID or Name (First Name Last Name).
    • If multiple email addresses appear, click the box next to the one(s) to use.
    • Click the Add Selected button. The selected employee(s) now appears in the designated field (Cc or Bcc).

      find email address
  6. Include Interested Parties box is selected by default.
    • Leave this box checked to include individuals marked as interested parties on the Manage Applicant page, to include others in the correspondence, they can either add them in the Manage Applicant Interested Party area, or CC or BCC them when creating the correspondence. NOTE: This is not the Interested Parties section on the Assignments page.
  7. Enter the email's Subject information.
  8. In the Access box, select Public or Private.
    • leave the access as Public if all users with security can see the message (Preferred)
    • change the access to Private if only the sender to see the note
  9. Enter the Message text you want to send.
    NOTE: If copying & pasting from MS Word documents that include special characters they must either be retyped in the message after pasting, or first pasted into NotePad.  Otherwise Microsoft's special characters will appear as upside down question marks to the applicant.  Examples, bullet points, apostrophes, quotation marks, space hyphen space combinations.
  10. Click the Spell Check button to use the spell check.
  11. Click on the Add Attachment button to add any attachments from your computer files.
  12. Click the Preview button to preview your email message.
    • You cannot make changes on this page.
    • Click the Return button.
  13. Click the Send button.

Sending Letters

contact method chosen of letter
  1. Change the Contact Method to Letter.

  2. Select the Letter template that you would like to use. Caution is required when using letter templates within TAM.  Many letters are just templates and may need to be revised, saved, and uploaded prior to being sent.  For a list and samples of the letter templates, see TAM - Letter Templates for TAM . 

  3. The To field already shows the applicant or applicants whom you selected. You cannot modify this field.
    • Note: If you are sending the correspondence to multiple applicants, all names appear together. However, the system sends separate correspondence to each applicant, template-based messages are generated separately for each recipient.
  4. In the Notes field, enter any comments that should be saved in the contact note that the system creates when it generates the letter.
  5. Click Preview to view the letter, if you are not satisfied select a different letter.
  6. Select Generate to generate the letter for printing and create the associated contact note.

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