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Cloning a Job Opening in TAM


When you need to create several identical or similar job openings, you can eliminate redundant data entry by cloning one job opening to create the others.

Process Considerations:

  • Job Openings with Job Codes that have been inactivated cannot be cloned.
You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section: 


  1. HRS Navigation: Recruiting > Search Job Openings
    Alternative: Recruiters can also start from the Recruiting Home page to search Job Openings or select a Job Opening from their list in the My Job Openings pagelet.
    • The Search Job Openings page enables you to locate the job opening to be cloned. You can search using any of the search criteria fields on the page. The Job Opening ID field enables you to search for a job opening with a known ID number.
  2. Once you have entered your criteria for search, click the Search button. When the search results grid displays the job opening that you want to clone, click that job opening link (or title of the job opening).

    Select Title
  3. Click the Clone link. The Clone Job Opening page enables you to complete the task of cloning a job opening.

    Cloning Button
  4. Enter the New Posting Title.
  5. Enter the Number of New Job Openings - field enables you to choose how many clones to create. The default is 1.
  6. Click Clone.

    Cloning Name and Number
  7. A new window will open telling you the Job Opening was successfully cloned and will include the Job Opening ID for each new posting.

    Note: An error message will display if the Job Code is no longer valid. If this is the case, the job opening cannot be cloned. We recommend opening HRS in a second browser and using that browser to create a new job opening. Refer to the job opening in the first browser to populate the new job opening.
  8. To edit the new Job Opening, click the Job Opening ID link and the job will open in a new tab.

  9. Make note of the new Job Opening ID to easily find it in Draft status when searching, and click Close. From the original Job Opening page you can navigate to your next location, such as Search Job Openings to edit the cloned Job Opening.

 Cloned Final

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