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Submitting Requests for Mass Load for Checklists in HRS


A Mass Load is a batch process to assist the institutions with large amount of data that needs to be added in HRS. This document will outline the steps and details necessary to utilize the Mass Load Process for Person Checklists and Person Assignment Checklists. Person Checklists are for Employee level only checklists whereas Person Assignment Checklists are used for Job level checklists.

Process Considerations:

    • The HR Mass Load process for Person Checklist and/or Person Assignment Checklists is designed for adding Person Checklist or Person Assignment Checklists to more than 25 employees. Fewer employees are handled most efficiently by hand-keying.
    • Email request must be sent to UW-Shared Services Customer Support team via a WiscIT two weeks prior to when you want the change made:
    • UW-Shared Services will run a query based on the desired selection criteria and populate a Mass Load Excel template based upon the checklist you are adding.
    • The pre-populated template will be returned to the institution for review and updating. Once review is complete it must be returned to UW-Shared Services a minimum of one week prior to when you want it in HRS.
    • UW-Shared Services will process the mass load of Person Checklist or Person Assignment Checklist in HRS within one week of receiving the finalized Excel template. A report will be provided to the institution upon completion, detailing the records that were added and any errors.
    • In addition to updating the data that is on the returned template, the process also includes selecting existing checklist items (not equal to one updating) and roll this information over to the new checklist row.
    • Mass Loads can be performed on:any checklist item code
Checklist Code Checklist Code Description Checklist Item Code
Person Checklist
Person Assignment Checklist
UWDATE Dates Criminal Background Check (UWCBC)
UWDATE Dates Sexual Harassment Reference Check (UWSHRC)
UWDATE Dates Position of Trust (UWPOTN, UWPOTY, UWPOT2, UWPOT4)
UWPOI POI Dates Criminal Background Check and Position of Trust No Recheck (UWxBCN)  X  
UWPOI POI Dates Criminal Background Check and Position of Trust 2 Year Recheck (UWxBC2) X  
UWPOI POI Dates Criminal Background Check and Position of Trust No Recheck (UWxBCN)
UWSNDT Seniority Dates Campus Seniority Date (UWxCSD) X
x = Campus Letter Code
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A. WiscIT Request

To initiate a Mass Load request for Person Checklist or Person Assignment Checklist, email must be sent to UW-Shared Services Customer Support team via WiscIT with the following information:

  1. Indicate the checklist code you would like to mass load - UWDATE, UWPOI, UWSNDT
  2. Provide desired selection criteria of population (e.g., Dept ID, Emplid Classes, POI Types )
  3. Date which you are aiming to have the mass load completed by, or other timing considerations. 

Submit your request three weeks before the target completion date.

B. Template Review

  1. A pre-populated template will be provided for your review of the requested data. Review, update and return the template and confirm for the date you request.
  2. The Cover Sheet tab identifies which fields are required for the upload. If you are adding more than one Checklist Item code (e.g. UWCBC, UWSHRC, etc.) to an employee under the same checklist code (e.g. UWDATE) make sure you fill in all required fields (if there is more than one checklist item being added for the same EMPLID/EMPL_RCD or EMPLID combination, the checklist date should be same; status date can be different).
  3. If there are employees in the list who should not receive a change, DELETE all rows for this employee from the spreadsheet. Do NOT use filters or hide employees.
  4. Once you have verified the data is correct, reply via WiscIT and attach the updated file.

C. Mass Load Update Complete

  1. The Mass Load Process for Person Checklist or Person Assignment Checklist results will be emailed to the requestor. It will include one tab for results.
    1. Results - will show what was loaded as well as Errors.
  2. It is up to the institutions to review the errors and work as needed.

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