1. Reviewing the WRS Lookback Process in HRS
  2. Viewing the WRS Accumulator Table in HRS
  3. Running the WRS Rehired Annuitant Lookback Report in HRS
  4. Looking up Prior WRS Service in ETF One
  5. Security Role BN WRS View Access for HRS
  6. Viewing Employee Job Data Records in HRS
  7. Reviewing the MSC Event Evaluation Report in HRS
  8. Entering an Annual Benefits Base Rate (ABBR) in HRS
  9. UW Shared Services Glossary
  10. Continuity Status in HRS
  11. Running the Half Time Compliance Report in HRS
  12. Understanding the Custom Fringe Distribution Process in HRS
  13. Continuity_Code_Job_Aid.docx [Attachment file]
  14. UWBenefitTab.pdf [Attachment file]
  15. Coding Insurance Applications for Entry in HRS
  16. Processing the WED New Hire Hold Report in HRS
  17. Military Leaves of Absence
  18. Completing Employee Setup for Summer Prepay in HRS
  19. Restoration of Worker's Comp for University Staff in HRS
  20. Reconciliation of Benefit Data Updates in HRS
  21. Officer Code Listing Job Aid for HRS
  22. MSC_Event_Eval_Job_Aid.pdf [Attachment file]
  23. Reprocessing Events Using On Demand Event Maintenance in HRS
  24. Running the Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointee Sick Leave Reduction Report in HRS
  25. Coding_Applications_Job_Aid.docx [Attachment file]
  26. Enrolling, Changing, or Canceling Coverage Using On Demand Event Maintenance in HRS
  27. Reprocessing the Open Enrollment (OE) Event in HRS
  28. Hiring Employees Using a Position in HRS
  29. Layoff Processing and Sick Leave Conversion
  30. Reviewing the Health Opt-Out Incentive Business Process in HRS
  31. Updating the UW Benefits Tab on Job Data in HRS
  32. Benefits Administration Process in HRS
  33. Processing the Income Continuation Insurance Missing Enrollment WED Report in HRS
  34. Running the Payroll Edit Report in HRS
  35. Rehiring a Student Help Employee in HRS
  36. Reviewing Retro Benefits in HRS
  37. Entering a Faculty Sabbatical in HRS
  38. Adding an Employment Instance (Non-Madison) in HRS
  39. Hiring an Employee into a Job without a Position (Non-Madison) in HRS
  40. Rehiring an Employee in HRS
  41. benefit-eligibility-decision-table.pdf [Attachment file]
  42. ETFHealthApplication2016.pdf [Attachment file]
  43. Processing a Death Claim in HRS
  44. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the COBRA Continuation Notice Process
  45. Entering Deceased Employee Payroll Data in HRS
  46. Processing the Income Continuation Insurance Co-Elect Enrollment WED Report in HRS
  47. Reviewing the Health Application in relation to Job Data and Benefit Program Participation in HRS
  48. Entering an Adjusted Continuous Service Date in HRS
  49. Adding an Employment Instance (Student Help) in HRS
  50. Viewing HRS Actuals Funding Distribution After Payroll Post-Confirmation in HRS
  51. Overview of Benefits Eligibility Fields in HRS
  52. HR Report List for HRS
  53. FAASLINonexemptEarningsCodes062021.pdf [Attachment file]
  54. Processing the Saving Plan Enrollment Missing SSN WED Report in HRS
  55. Requesting Legal Settlements for Wages and Non-Wages in HRS
  56. Entering Backup Zero Dollar Jobs in HRS
  57. Running the Populate Eligibility Config Pop Process Ad Hoc in HRS
  58. Benefit Program Assignment Job Aid for HRS
  59. Security Role BN Campus Benefits Update for HRS
  60. Entering New Hire HSA and HDHP Enrollments in HRS
  61. General Deduction Codes Job Aid for HRS
  62. Processing the WED Missing Adjusted Continuous Service Date Report in HRS
  63. Processing Check Corrections in HRS
  64. Review Benefit Enrollments in HRS
  65. Overview of Enrollment Codes and Reasons Job Aid for HRS
  66. Running the Primary Job Audit Report in HRS
  67. Add a Person Job Aid for HRS
  68. Entering Summer Service & Summer Session Positions and Jobs in HRS
  69. Adjusting Savings Management Service in HRS
  70. Review Paycheck Benefits Deductions Job Aid for HRS
  71. Maintaining the Expected Job End Date in HRS
  72. Adding a Person in HRS
  73. FAASLIEarningsCodes062021.pdf [Attachment file]
  74. ListofActiveActionReasonCodes.pdf [Attachment file]
  75. AddlPayEarningCodesjobaid.pdf [Attachment file]