1. Restoration of Worker's Comp for University Staff in HRS
  2. Processing the Worker's Compensation Report in HRS
  3. Entering Craft Worker Vacation Elections in HRS
  4. Entering a Leave of Absence Due to Workers Compensation in HRS
  5. Adding a Student Help Person in HRS
  6. ListofActiveActionReasonCodes.pdf [Attachment file]
  7. UW Shared Services Glossary
  8. Maintaining Workforce - Seasonal Employees in HRS
  9. Entering Benefits Billing Enrollments in HRS
  10. Requesting WiscIT / Cherwell Account Setup, Removal, Team Requests and Cherwell Software
  11. Payroll BPF Work Study Process Map
  12. Managing the Student Template Hire - HR Approval in HRS
  13. Adding an Employment Instance (Student Help) in HRS
  14. Hiring Into a Job or Transfer (Student Help) in HRS
  15. Add a Person Job Aid for HRS
  16. Security Role BN Workers Compensation Admin for HRS
  17. Catastrophic Leave Processing in HRS
  18. Running the Absence Event Report in HRS
  19. UniversityStaffEarningsCodes.pdf [Attachment file]
  20. FAASLINonexemptEarningsCodes.pdf [Attachment file]
  21. UniversityStaffEarningsCodes-3.pdf [Attachment file]
  22. Absence_Reports_and_Queries_Job_Aid.pdf [Attachment file]
  23. EarningsCodesKBList1-27-17-universitystaff.pdf [Attachment file]
  24. Using the Student Template Hire in HRS
  25. Running the Student Help Payroll Inactivity Recap Report in HRS
  26. Running the Primary Job Audit Report in HRS
  27. FAASLIEarningsCodes.pdf [Attachment file]
  28. UWMSN - JEMS CHRIS-HR - Hire a University Staff Temporary Employee (TE) Appointment