1. Entering Tenure Tracking in HRS
  2. Running the UW Frozen Snapshot of Employee Data View in EPM
  3. Viewing Employee Job Data Records in HRS
  4. Hiring Employees Using a Position in HRS
  5. Processing Organizational Department Set Up Requests in HRS
  6. Entering Organizational Department Additions and Changes in HRS
  7. UW Shared Services Glossary
  8. Maintaining Workforce - Transfers in HRS
  9. Rehiring an Employee in HRS
  10. Adding an Employment Instance (Non-Madison) in HRS
  11. Entering Contract Administration in HRS
  12. OfferLetterOF1.doc [Attachment file]
  13. Entering or Changing Governance Tracking for Faculty Appointments in HRS
  14. Adjusting the ALRA Counter in HRS
  15. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Frequently Asked Questions
  16. ListofActiveActionReasonCodes.pdf [Attachment file]
  17. REVISEDPAYandCPRActionActionReasonsasof1-6-17.pdf [Attachment file]