1. Annual Short Work Break Processing in HRS
  2. BenefitsBillingDelinquency-DetailJobAidRev2019.pdf [Attachment file]
  3. BenefitsBillingDelinquency-DetailJobAidRev2019.pdf [Attachment file]
  4. Deduction Prepay Process (Part I: Deduct Money for Insurance in Anticipation of a Leave) in HRS
  5. Deduction Prepay Process (Part II: Disburse Money for Insurance During Leave) in HRS
  6. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Deduction Prepay in HRS
  7. HR - Summer Service & Summer Session Positions/Jobs
  8. Running the Deduction Prepay Load Status Query in HRS
  9. Running the Deduction Prepay Paycheck Query in HRS
  10. UW Shared Services Glossary