1. Add a Person Job Aid for HRS
  2. Adding a Person in HRS
  3. Adding a Student Help Person in HRS
  4. Adding and Updating Dependents in HRS
  5. Adding or Maintaining a Person of Interest (POI) in HRS
  6. Entering Foreign National and Applied for SSN or ITIN in HRS
  7. Glacier Account Requirements for Foreign Nationals on UW Payroll in HRS
  8. Looking up Prior WRS Service in ETF One
  9. Maintaining Person Data - Biographical Details in HRS
  10. Processing the Missing SSNHR - WED - UW_HR_MISSING_SSN
  11. Searching for a Person using Social Security Number in HRS
  12. Searching for Existing Person in HRS
  13. UWMSN - JEMS CHRIS-HR - Hire a University Staff Temporary Employee (TE) Appointment
  14. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Appointment without PVL/Waiver
  15. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Completing TREMS Recruitment
  16. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Hiring Appointments with a PVL or Waiver
  17. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Introduction to System
  18. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Teaching Asst. & Research Asst. Appointments
  19. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Zero Dollar, Back-up Appointments or Lump Sum Payment
  20. Viewing Foreign National Data in Glacier