1. Canceling a Job Opening (i.e. Failed Recruitment) in TAM
  2. UW Shared Services Glossary
  3. TAM Report List
  4. Creating Job Opening(s) in TAM
  5. TAM - FAQ - Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM)
  6. Sending Correspondence Email or Letter to Applicant in TAM
  7. Hiring a TAM Applicant from Manage Hires in HRS
  8. Troubleshooting Job Posting Not Showing in TAM
  9. Adding Notes, Attachments, and Expenses to Job Openings in TAM
  10. Entering Applicant Expenses in TAM
  11. Viewing Employee Job Data Records in HRS
  12. Managing Contact Notes and Attachments for an Applicant in TAM
  13. Reviewing Applicant Screenings in TAM
  14. Initiating a Criminal Background Check and Sexual Harassment Reference Check in TAM
  15. Initiating Sexual Harassment Reference Checks and Criminal Background Checks for Direct Hires
  16. Running the Job Group Analysis Report in TAM
  17. Routing Applicants, Responding to Routing, and Updating Overall Route Status in TAM
  18. Modifying an Applicant's Information in TAM
  19. Searching for Job Opening or By Application in TAM
  20. Posting the Intent to File a Labor Certification in TAM
  21. Sending Interview Evaluation Reminders in TAM
  22. Approving a Job Offer in TAM
  23. Changing or Editing the Posting Title in TAM
  24. Creating Applicant Checklists in HRS
  25. Approving and Denying a Job Opening or Extending or Denying a Job Offer in TAM
  26. Forwarding Applicant(s) in HRS
  27. Approving Job Opening(s) in TAM
  28. Adding Approvers and Reviewers to Job Openings and Job Offers in TAM
  29. Cloning a Job Opening in TAM
  30. Applying an Existing Applicant to a Job Opening in TAM
  31. Maintaining Workforce - Seasonal Employees in HRS
  32. Adding a Person of Interest (POI) Relationship in HRS
  33. TAM_Reports_and_Queries_Job_Aid.pdf [Attachment file]
  34. InterviewLetterIS3.doc [Attachment file]
  35. InterviewLetterIS2.doc [Attachment file]