1. CATSystem1.0End_to_EndBusinessProcessWorkbook_System_v10.docx [Attachment file]
  2. Time and Labor Reports in HRS
  3. Corrections Job Aid for HRS
  4. Adding or Changing Department Level Funding for an Organizational Department in HRS
  5. Adding or Changing Position Level Funding for Employee Salary Expenses in HRS
  6. Processing the WED Overmax Undermin Report in HRS
  7. Running the Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointee Sick Leave Reduction Report in HRS
  8. Running the IPS Upload to CAT (Append) and Additional Adjustments Page
  9. Running the Paycheck Modeler in HRS
  10. Running the IPS Upload to Additional Adjustments Pages (AAP) for CAT
  11. Performance Management Reporting in HRS
  12. Running the REPORTS TO Report in HRS
  13. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Frequently Asked Questions
  14. Set Up Released Printing
  15. Institutional Planning Spreadsheet in CAT
  16. Correcting and Updating FLSA Status in HRS
  17. Recommended Computer Operating Systems and Web Browsers for HRS People Tools
  18. Running the Institutional Planning Spreadsheet to CAT [Edit and Overwrite]
  19. Running the Percent Reduction Query in HRS
  20. UWMSN - JEMS CHRIS-HR - Basic Navigation
  21. UWMSN - JEMS CHRIS - Basic Navigation
  22. Running Payline Details and PSHUP Load Report in HRS
  23. UW Shared Services Glossary
  24. Compensation Administration Tool (CAT) 1.0 End to End Business Process
  25. Performance Management Queries in HRS
  26. Security Role BN Campus Benefits Update for HRS