1. Entering Tenure Tracking in HRS
  2. Adding Visa Data (Cross reference to International Tax) in HRS
  3. Entering a Leave of Absence (Unpaid, Paid, Partial, Intermittent) in HRS
  4. Officer Code Listing Job Aid for HRS
  5. Maintaining Employee General Deductions in HRS
  6. Processing Overtime for Multiple Jobs and Comp Time Policy in HRS
  7. Overview of Enrollment Codes and Reasons Job Aid for HRS
  8. Managing Salary Advance Process in HRS
  9. Military Leaves of Absence
  10. OfferLetterOF1.doc [Attachment file]
  11. Non-IASOfferletter.doc [Attachment file]
  12. Initiating the Security Awareness Course in HRS
  13. Creating a Benefits Payline Adjustment in HRS
  14. Entering a General Deduction Payline Adjustment on the UW Payline Adjustment Page in HRS
  15. UW Shared Services Glossary
  16. My.Wisconsin.Edu Portal Access Duration for Former Staff/Students by UW Institution
  17. UWMSN - Job and Employment Management System (JEMS) Access
  18. Entering Time Using a Punch Hourly Integrated Timesheet in HRS
  19. Elapsed Hourly Integrated Timesheets in HRS
  20. Creating the Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointee Missing Leave Report Automated Emails in HRS
  21. Office Computer Support and Purchasing