1. UW Shared Services Glossary
  2. Processing Overtime for Multiple Jobs and Comp Time Policy in HRS
  3. Creating a Benefits Payline Adjustment in HRS
  4. Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g - Approving Entitlements for HRS
  5. Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g- Request HRS Entitlements for Employees with Multiple Jobs
  6. Reprocessing Events Using On Demand Event Maintenance in HRS
  7. Reprocessing the Open Enrollment (OE) Event in HRS
  8. Compensation Administration Tool (CAT) 1.0 End to End Business Process
  9. Reviewing Benefit Arrears Balances in HRS
  10. Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g - Denying Entitlements for HRS
  11. Entering Backup Zero Dollar Jobs in HRS
  12. OfferLetterOF1.doc [Attachment file]
  13. CATSystem1.0End_to_EndBusinessProcessWorkbook_System_v10.docx [Attachment file]
  14. ETF_2019_Health_Codes.docx [Attachment file]
  15. OfferLetterOF2.doc [Attachment file]