1. Maintaining Encumbrances - Balance Not Correct or Doesn't Exist in HRS
  2. Running the Absence Event Report in HRS
  3. Entering and Reviewing Banked Leave (ALRA) Conversion (Payroll Coordinator) in HRS
  4. Reviewing the WRS Lookback Process in HRS
  5. Review of the Flex Spending Account/Limited Purpose Flex Spending Account New Hire Enrollment Process in HRS
  6. Adjusting the ALRA Counter in HRS
  7. Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g- Complete the Compliance Agreement After Requesting Entitlements
  8. Processing the WED Missing Business Addresses Report in HRS
  9. UW Shared Services Glossary
  10. Running the ALRA Eligibility/Election Summary Report in HRS
  11. Running the Address Cleansing Exception Report in HRS
  12. Running the UW Frozen Snapshot of Employee Data View in EPM
  13. Processing the WED Missing Home Addresses Report in HRS
  14. Glacier Account Requirements for Foreign Nationals on UW Payroll in HRS
  15. HR - FMLA/WFMLA Eligibility Report
  16. Adding or Changing Position Level Funding for Employee Salary Expenses in HRS
  17. Running the Vacant Position Report in HRS
  18. OfferLetterOF1.doc [Attachment file]
  19. Running the Financial Aid Regulatory Report in HRS
  20. Adding an Applicant Manually into TAM
  21. Creating Job Opening(s) in TAM
  22. Viewing Absence Management Results by Calendar in HRS
  23. Maintaining Employee Data - Emergency Contact Information in HRS
  24. i-9-paper-version.pdf [Attachment file]
  25. Campus Business Email Address for Human Resources System (Madison only)
  26. Changing Standard Hours (FTE) in HRS
  27. Add a Person Job Aid for HRS
  28. Review of the Nightly Encumbrance Process in HRS
  29. Adding a Student Help Person in HRS
  30. Entering an Employee's Tax Form W-4 Withholding Allowance Certificate in HRS
  31. Adding Visa Data (Cross reference to International Tax) in HRS
  32. REVISEDPAYandCPRActionActionReasonsasof1-6-17.pdf [Attachment file]
  33. Adjusting Savings Management Service in HRS
  34. PositionManagementTipSheet.pdf [Attachment file]
  35. Managing Position Data in HRS
  36. Entering Person Profile Management in HRS
  37. Entering Tenure Tracking in HRS
  38. Adding a Person in HRS