1. ACHReversalsandStopCheckPayments5_9_19_RJL.docx [Attachment file]
  2. Adding Notes, Attachments, and Expenses to Job Openings in TAM
  3. Assigning Job Opening Categories in TAM
  4. Creating and Maintaining Time and Labor Security in HRS
  5. Creating Job Opening(s) in TAM
  6. Enrolling, Changing, or Canceling Coverage Using On Demand Event Maintenance in HRS
  7. Process Indicators and Event Process Statuses in HRS
  8. Processing the SOD Overdue Reports in HRS
  9. Processing the WED SOD Reports in HRS
  10. Reprocessing Events Using On Demand Event Maintenance in HRS
  11. Review of the Nightly Encumbrance Process in HRS
  12. Running the Half Time Compliance Report in HRS
  13. Securely Digitizing Files for Upload to HRS
  14. Setting Up Run Control IDs in HRS