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81Viewing the WRS Accumulator Table in HRS154592024-05-146320
82Viewing Compensatory Time Balance in HRS156212024-05-148861
83Using Timesheet View By for Midperiod Hires and Transfers in HRS164212024-05-1410042
84Setting Up Run Control IDs in HRS165402024-05-1418747
85Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS165412024-05-1413149
86Time Reporting Codes (TRCs) in HRS165442024-05-1425917
87Submitting a File to the Inbound File Upload Page in HRS169092024-05-1412668
88Timesheet Time Formats in HRS170362024-05-1413191
89Setting Up Direct Deposits in HRS168772024-05-1415404
90Time and Labor Reports in HRS170712024-05-1427841
91Viewing the Work Study Job Extension Table in HRS168502024-05-148277
92Viewing HRS Actuals Funding Distribution After Payroll Post-Confirmation in HRS173022024-05-1416811
93Viewing the Current Benefits Summary in HRS153832024-05-147738
94Running the Sexual Harassment Reference Check Compliance Query in HRS1043112024-05-141607
95Running the Single Active Record FLSA Query in HRS993472024-05-142203
96Running the Telework Agreement Query in HRS1141502024-05-141502
97Running the Non Person Job Profile Report in HRS1137022024-05-14685
98Running the Public Health Emergency Leave Query for Service Operations in HRS1015042024-05-141447
99Running the Lump Sum and Lump Sum Adjustment forms HR Data Query in HRS1192172024-05-14756
100Securely Digitizing Files for Upload to HRS945362024-05-142354
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