Updating FLSA Threshold Exemption Field in HRS


This field is to be used if it is determined that the FLSA Exemption Status is correct of Exempt is correct and the employee is exempt from FLSA regulations due to their primary job being exempt due to doctor, teacher, lawyer.

Process Considerations:

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  1. Navigate to Job Data: WorkForce Administration > Job Information> Job Data
  2. Enter in EMPLID and EMPL Record
  3. Insert a row with the proper effective date
  4. Action = "Data Change"
  5. Reason ="Job Data Update Misc"

  6. Select the UW Custom tab
  7. Under Additional section, use the drop down in the FLSA Threshold Exemptionfield to update as appropriate. Below are the options available:
    • Academic Administrator
    • Camp Counselor
    • Doctor
    • Lawyer
    • Not Subject to FLSA
    • Teacher
    • *Multiple Jobs - this is not a valid option if the employee only has 1 active job in HRS
  8. /images/group426/99403/FLSAExemption.png
  9. Select Save

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