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Running the Single Active Record FLSA Query in HRS


This Query populates all employees who have a single active HR status, with an FLSA Status of Exempt, and who are under the FLSA threshold based on federal regulation. Current FLSA threshold as of 1/1/2020 is $35,568. The compensation threshold will be reviewed ever 3 years by federal regulators.

Process Considerations:

  • This query reports ALL employees who have a single active HR status, without an FLSA excluded Job Code, FLSA Status of Exempt, AND are under the FLSA compensation threshold.
  • This report will include employees where the institution listed an FLSA Exemption reason (jobs which can be excluded from FLSA regulations based on Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer, etc).
  • The reason why the report populates employees who have exemption reasons listed is it gives the institution the opportunity to review the job descriptions from time to time to ensure the exclusion is still appropriate.
  • Security Role UW_UNV_HR_REPORTS is required to run query UW_HR_FLSA_SNL_A_RCD
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1. Navigate to Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
2. Search for Query Name: UW_HR_FLSA_SNL_A_RCD
3. Run to Excel
4. Enter Business Unit and/or Dept ID as search criteria or leave blank
5. Select View Results
6. Sort/filter by FLSA Exclusion field (column N in Excel):
  • Blank - review employees who do not have an FLSA Exclusion entered in Job Data
  • Multiple Jobs - Since that is the only active job for the employee, this FLSA Threshold Exemption status is NOT accurate and will need reviewed and updated in Job Data. In some instances this may mean updating to blank if they are subject to FLSA regulations and the FLSA status may need to change to Not Exempt and compensation rate may need to change to hourly. 
  • De-select blank - review job codes and descriptions to ensure accuracy of the FLSA Exclusion field in Job Data
7. After the query has been run, the user needs to make the following determinations:

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